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COVID 19 Updates: Yes! We are having summer league!  Practice times have been altered slightly in response to other scheduling events. Additional practice times will be added if needed, due to numbers.

Meet schedule will most likely be altered. We are awaiting more information from the State and other teams.


Program Dates

May 17 - July 26, 2022 (Possibly July 30, 2022).


We will have tryouts for summer league on Saturday, May 14th, at 10:00 am and possibly Saturday, June 4th, at 9:00 am. Tryouts for SSS Summer League are a way for coaches to get familiar with the swimmers and to assess which group children should be placed in.

Please try and make it to the first tryout of the season if you register prior to May 14th and the second if you register prior to June 4th. 

Pre-Summer Dates:

May 17 - June 8

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.
  • Saturday, May 14 times TBD.

Summer Dates

June 9 - July 26

  • Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri AM practices: 8:00-9:00 am 
  • Mon-Thurs PM practices: 6:30-7:30 pm

General Information:

  • Registration (either)
    • clicking the link (in the box at the top or bottom of this page)
    • Registration is through the Lessons/Aquatics tab in the middle section of the home page beneath the slide show
  • Meets: 
    • Meets are TBD. Once all teams have started practicing and are in the water, we'll be able to get more information out to parents. 
  • Practice:
    • Swimmers may come to AM or PM practices.  At least 3 practices a week are recommended for improvement. Sign ups will be through the Team Events section of the home page. We CAN add additional practices, should numbers demand it.
  • Where are practices?
    • Practices will be at the Southern Pines Pool/Pool Park
  • Cost
    • Cost see chart below - registration will include AAU membership, insurances, cap and t-shirt.
    • No prorating / per month.  Any participation during the month, will require payment for the month.
    • Refunds for 1-Payment / Early Bird will incur administrative fees, with the 'discount' removed and applied for the time of participation (non-prorated).

    • Prices listed below are per child
      Category May - July
      1 payment Early Bird June-July only
      Monthly + registration
      NEW to SSS Summer
      $120 $330 $315
      before May 8
      $120 / monthly
      +60 registration
      Returning Summer
      League Swimmers
      $110 $300 $285
      before May 8
      $110 / monthly
      +60 registration
      Current SSS Club
      (year round)
      DEV - AG Bronze
      Current rate
      You change
      N/A N/A Current rate +
      $20 registration
      Family Members of
      Current SSS CLUB
      (year round)
      $110 $300 $285
      before May 8
      $110 / monthly
      +60 registration
      Current SSS Club
      Age Silver
      Age Gold
      Silver Groups
      N/A $250 N/A $110 / monthly
      + $40 registration

      Multi-swimmer discount notes:  
      - 3rd swimmer (and up) will receive a 50% discount on dues (not registrations) - since those pay for specific items.
      - multi-swimmer discount applies to the swimmer with the 'lowest dues'


Additional Information:

Sandhills Sandsharks runs the Moore County Swim League and supports one of the MCSL teams.  Information on other teams in the league, league schedules and other information is on the summer league tab.

  • Designed for swimmers ages five (must have completed Kindergarten) to 18 who want to put their swimming skill to work. 
  • All swimmers must be able to swim an unaided front stroke and a backstroke.  Participants who constantly bounce off the bottom of the pool, will be automatically moved to the next available swim lesson group. 
  • Emphasis is on stroke technique and learning the four competitive strokes.
  • High School swimmers may come to practices at other times, per coach's assessments.

For safety and efficiency, we have a few guidelines to follow:


(✔) It is requested that parents do not sit by or interrupt their child’s practice. There are chairs beside the pool and picnic tables outside for your convenience.

(✔) If you have any questions, please ask once the practice is over. Interruptions during practice often make it hard to re-start. We will make sure that after practice a Coach is available to answer any questions you may have.

(✔) Parents are responsible for updating their online account information and for meet registration.


1 - What do our dues / registration fees cover?
A - We have joined a new league and insurance provider.   Also, cost of materials for caps and t-shirts have gone up due to supply chain issues around the country.  Swimmers will get a swim cap and t-shirt with their registration.  If you sign up for May - July; your registration payment is included in that monthly (since you will only get 1/2 of the swim practices). 

2 - How many meets this year?
A - That will depend on the affiliate teams that join the league.   Swim meets will typically be on Tuesday nights.

3 - Can the swimmers move from summer league to club team in the fall.
A -  yes.   We had many swimmers join us last year and will be returning to summer league this year.   We understand many families have tight schedules and may not feel they have the time to add another commitment.   Our club team offers a variety of practices / schedules for swimmers and families with complex schedules.

4 - Can we have the option to pay by check instead of credit card?
A - yes.  Checks can be mailed to our PO BOX.  However, the checks need to be received before the first of the month.  IF checks are not received by the 3rd of the month, swimmers will not be allowed to participate until check / payments are received.

5 - What if my y swimmer is on SSS and in Developmental Silver.   But I want to join summer league, what do I do?
Email Coach Scott for an update to your account.   We will change the 'roster group' but leave your billing group as DEV Silver.  This way your billing will remain the same.   You will be invoiced $20 to join the league / insurance.  You already have the summer league t-shirt and will receive a complimentary summer league cap.   The 2022 summer league shirt will be our LIGHT GRAY SHIRT (Creating an environment where success is inevitable).

6 - Can my Developmental Swimmer still participate in USA Swimming Club meets as a member of Summer League?
Yes - you have already paid for your USA Swimming registration and currently paying for your SSS Club dues.

7 - What if my swimmers is on SSS and is in Age Group Gold (or higher group)?
Option A = You continue paying your monthly rate, add the Summer League insurance for $20 (get a free cap).   You can participate in Long Course practices in Sanford.   Participate in the club morning practices at Town Pool, Saturday practices at Town Pool or Long Course swim meets as listed on the EVENTS page.

Option B = You may move to summer league only for June and July.  But you must complete the withdraw form online.   This will give you the summer league rate of $110 and the registration of $40.  NOTE: Why is it $40?  Because of the TU database.   Our Team Administrator will have to manually discount your current dues each time to get you to the $110 rate.   There is no 'blanket' drop / discounts after we've activated our year round registration.    You will only be allowed to participate in SUMMER LEAGUE practices and meets.   You will pay for May monthly dues (since it is already April) you would not have the 30 day notice, and you'll still be swimming in May as a club swimmer.