2018-2019 Contract--Registration is through the Registration tab on the home page. This document is just for reference.

No Hidden Fees: Our YR Team Registration & Fees includes:

  • Meets-you will never be billed for meet fees. Meet fees run $35-$50 for 1 day, to over $100 for 3 days. We attend 16 + meets/yr! Dues assume recommended # of meets will be attended; we pull additional fees as needed from aquatics programming & fundraising.  
  • AG 1, 2 & Senior Squad contracts run through Aug 2019--Long Course season and Summer League are included in total dues. AG 3 can join summer league to continue with both summer league and Long Course meets during the summer.
  • Basic team uniform--swim cap, t-shirt, competition team suit. No team practice suit/caps are required—you can show off your style! Replacement caps available as needed (no fee).
  • Families DO provide: Equipment, Family Fundraising, OW Volunteer.
  • Multiple coaches on deck & the most cost effective YR unsubsidized professionally coached sport per hour in the Sandhills!
  • Travel/hotel for swimmers taking the SSS Van to meets WILL be billed separately (13/overs; occasionally 11/12). Team travel gets kids to meets when parents can’t!

YR Registration, Dues, & More

Squad & contract period

AG 3

9 month

AG 2

11 month

AG 1

11 month

Pre 2

11 month

Pre 1

11 month


11 month















Included (reg & dues)

Cap, suit, t- shirt, meets

Cap, suit, t-shirt, meets

Cap, suit, t-shirt, meets

Cap, suit, t-shirt, meets

Cap, suit, t-shirt, meets

Cap, suit, t-shirt, meets

Not included (equipment)


snorkel, fins

snorkel, fins

snorkel, fins, pull buoy

snorkel, fins, pull buoy

snorkel, fins, pull buoy

Family  Fundraising







OW Volunteer




June & Sept

June & Sept

June & Sept

Dues: 1 X YR Annual Oct 1







Dues: 4 X YR  Oct, Jan, Mar,May







Dues: 8 X YR








*Credit Card processing fee of $3.95 for each transaction to be added.

Registration Guidelines:

1.     All fees from prior season(s) must be paid for returning swimmers to register/ swim.

2.     Returned Check processing fee is $35.00

3.     Family discounts (dues only):

         2nd child-15%; 3rd child- 50%; 4th child-75%. 

         Most advanced swimmer is full price; discounts applied in descending order.

        Families with 2 + swimmers may contact mcummings95@gmail.com regarding     alternative payment schedules.

4.     1 Family Fundraising amount per family is based on highest squad level. Team sponsorships & Swim-a-thon provide opportunities to raise these funds. Unpaid amount invoiced July 1. 50% of what is raised past the assigned amount will be credited toward your account/dues.

5.     Open Water Meets (participation NOT credited toward Family Fundraising)

 September Open Water- Pre & Senior Squads compete/families provide 1 volunteer. Non-participation fee is $200.00. 

 June Open Water- All Squads compete/ families provide 1 volunteer. 

Non-participation fee is $450.00.

6.     Registration due by Sept 30.  First dues payment is Oct 1 for all payment plans.  Monthly installments are setup for 8 payments and Quarterly installments for 4 payments.

7.     AG 3 contracts are 9 months; all other YR Squad contracts are 11 months.  AG 3 can register for summer league to continue both YR and Summer League during the summer.

8.     Contracts may be canceled until January 15; proportional amount of Fundraising will be billed. Notice of cancellation must be written/emailed to mcummings95@gmail.com.