2019-2020 Swim Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/21/19 - 7/31/20

Open for New Members

8/1/19 - 7/31/20


Registration is open July 22-Aug 31  for returning Sandsharks (if you are a transfer from another USA team , please let us know).  Please register for the squad assigned to you (assignments to be made by late July).  Prospective members can register following try-outs/swim camp.  All squads are assigned by coaches.

Try outs will be held both in conjunction with swim camp and separately; see SSS Team Info and News for information.

We look forward to having you join the Sandhills Sandsharks and are excited for another great season!

Printable version of full sqaud/fees/requirements

Sandhills Sandsharks, Inc.

PO Box 657, Southern Pines, NC, 28388



 Financial Requirements and Registration Guidelines All Squads


  • Meets-Meet fees are billed prior to meet through our website.  Once we submit entries to a host team, we are bound by NC Swimming to pay for all entered swimmers; therefore, we cannot do refunds for no shows.
  • YearRound Squads run Sept.1-July31 and are 11 month contracts.  Summer League is included.
  • Flex Swim Squads run Sept. 1-July 31 and are month-to-month cotracts  Summer League is included.
  • Travel/Hotel for swimmers taking the SSS Van to meets is billed separately (13/overs; occasionally 11/12).
  • Prior season fees must be paid for returning swimmers to register/swim
  • Returned Check processing fee is $35.00
  • Family discounts (dues only): 2nd child-15%; 3rd child-50% 4th child-75%.  Most advanced swimmer is full price; discounts applied to descending order.  Family discount not available for Flex Swim.
  • Families with 2+ swimmers may contact mcummings95@gmail.com regarding alternative payment schedules.
  • Capital Campaign Fundraising: Per family amouont based on highest squad level.  Team sponsorships fundraisers, and Swim-A-Thon provide opportunities to raise these funds.  Unpaid amount invoiced July1.  Donations are tax deductible.
  • Open Water Meets: (participation NOT credited toward Capital Campaign Fundraising)
  •     September Open Water-Pre/Senior Squads compete/families provide 1 volunteer.  Non-participation fee is $200.00.
  •     Spring Open Water (May 30/31)- All Squads compete/families provide 1 volunteer.  Flex Families (5+ months participation) can do a 4 hour partial shift.  Non-participation fee is $450.00/YR families and $225.00/Flex Fimilies w/5+months participation.
  • Registration and Dues:  Registration due by Aug. 31.  First dues payment (11 months) is Sept. 1.  Annual payment due Sept. 1.  Monthly installments are setup for 1 months (Sept.-July)
  • Cancellation/Changes Flex Squads: Flex enrollment can be paused by giving notification in writing by the 15th of the month to mcummings95@gmail.com for the following month.  There is no penalty to pause/resume enrollment.
  • Cancellation/Changes Year Round Squads: Contracts may be canceled/dropped from YR to Flex with notice by the 15th of the month and a cancellation fee of $250.00; proportional amount of Fundraising/Capital Campaign will be billed.  No refunds will be given for annual payments. Open water commitment expected if cancellation is after January 15.  There is no penatly for upgrading from Flex to YR; upgrades will pay difference in registration fee and have monthly dues adjusted to new squad levels.  Notice of cancellation must be written/emailed to mcummings@gmail.com.

Year Round Squads Registration and Dues

Registration fee:  $250.00.00 ($175.00 SSS + $75.00 USA Swimming)

Year Round Squads are 11-month contract Sept 1-July 31

Age Group 3 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                  $ 1000.00         1  Payment                                    Capital Campaign Fundraising             $ 400.00

Monthly                  $    95.00       11  Monthly Payments                     Capital Campaign Fundraising             $ 400.00


Age Group 2 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                $ 1,125.00   1 Payment                                    Capital Campaign Fundraising            $ 400.00

Monthly               $ 120.00    11 Monthly Payments                     Capital Campaign Fundraising            $400.00


Age Group 1 Dues and Payment Fees

Annual               $1,475.00       1 Payment                                   Capital Campaign Fundraising              $ 400.00

Monthly              $  150.00    11 Monthly Payments                      Capital Campaign Fundraising              $400.00


Pre 2 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                $ 2,100.00   1 Payment                                Capital Campaign Fundraising             $ 500.00

Monthly              $    200.00   11 Monthly Payments                Capital Campaign Fundraising             $500.00


Pre 1 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                 $ 2500.00     1 Payment                                      Capital Campaign Fundraising             $ 500.00

Monthly                $   240.00     11 Monthly Payments                     Capital Campaign Fundraising             $500.00


Senior Dues and Payment Options:

Annual               $  2,900.00         1 Payment                      Capital Campaign Fundraising            $  500.00

Monthly             $    270.00        11 Monthly Payments        Capital Campaign Fundraising         $ 500.00


Flex Swim Squads Registration and Dues

Registration Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Flex Swim Squads:  $150.00 ($125.00 SSS + $25.00 USA Swimming)

Registration HS Prep: $100 ($75 SSS + $25 USA Swimming)

Flex Swim Squads are month to month contracts


Orange               $ 105.00 per Month                                              Capital Campaign Fundraising -  $ 200.00

Yellow                 $ 105.00 per Month                                              Capital Campaign Fundraising -  $ 200.00

Green                 $  115.00 per Month                                              Capital Campaign Fundraising -  $ 200.00

Blue                   $  135.00 Per Month                                              Capital Campaign Fundraising -  $ 200.00 

HS Prep             $ $300/2 months (Sept/Oct)                                  NA


Please see the Team Info and Calendars/Schedules tabs for more information on our squads and expectations.