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NC State Championship Wrap Up

David Sokolofsky
Feb 26, 2019

We had tremendous success over the past two weekends at the North Carolina State Championship meets.

It started off with 17 swimmers traveling to Cary, NC for the 14 & Under Age Group Champ meet, held 2/14-2/17. We placed 16th out of 50 teams in the overall standings with a total of 176.5 points. Scoring swims below:

Taylor Crane (10 & Under): 11th, 50 back; 3rd, 100 IM; 15th, 50 Free; 11th, 100 Breast; 16th, 50 Fly; 9th, 50 Breast; 15th, 100 Fly; 13th, 200 IM
Madi Joy (11-12): 13th, 100 Fly; 15th, 50 Fly; 4th, 100 Back; 5th, 50 Back

Clem Camacho (11-12): 7th, 100 Fly; 8th, 50 Fly; 10th, 50 Back;16th, 100 Free; 9th, 200 IM
Jackson Hughes (11-12): 8th, 400 IM; 12th, 100 Fly; 9th, 500 Free
Will Sterrett (13-14): 7th, 100 Breast; 16th, 100 Fly; 16th, 400 IM; 8th, 50 Free, 15th, 100 Free

15th, 11-12 400 Free: Arredondo, Hawthorne, Reiniche, Hughes
15th, 11-12 200 Medley: Reiniche, Hawthorne, Hughes, Arredondo
16th, 13-14 400 Free: Page, Langtry, Setzer, Sterrett
13th, 13-14 200 Free: Sterrett, Langtry, Setzer, Page
14th, 13-14 400 Medley: Langtry, Setzer, Sterrett, Page
13th, 13-14 200 Medley: Langtry, Setzer, Sterrett, Page

This past weekend 19 swimmers traveled to Charlotte, NC for the Senior version of the state champ meet. We placed 3rd out of 46 teams in the overall team standings with 727.5 points. We also took home the team title for medium sized teams. Scoring swims below:

McKaley Goldblum: 4th, 100 IM; 9th, 100 Free
Jenna Grill: 16th, 100 IM
Brynn Jewell: 15th, 500 Free; 13th, 1650 Free
Emma Johnson: 6th, 100 Breast; 11th, 200 Breast
Liza Murtagh: 2nd, 100 IM; 7th, 100 Breast; 7th, 200 Breast; 13th, 100 Free; 7th, 200 IM
Callie Parkes: 8th, 50 Free

5th, 800 Free: Murtagh, Hoover, Bazinet, Goldblum
11th, 800 Free: Parkes, Divoky, Grill, Jewell
5th, 200 Medley: Hoover, Divoky, Parkes, Goldblum
7th, 200 Medley: Bazinet, Johnson, Murtagh, Grill
3rd, 400 Free: Goldblum, Murtagh, Bazinet, Parkes
11th, 400 Free: Grill, Hoover, Divoky, Jewell
2nd, 200 Free: Murtagh, Goldblum, Grill, Parkes
11th, 200 Free: Bazinet, Divoky, Contreras, Hoover
3rd, 400 Medley: Hoover, Johnson, Murtagh, Goldblum
5th, 400 Medley: Bazinet, Divoky, Parkes, Grill

Trey Adkins: 14th, 100 IM; 8th, 100 Free
Garrett Butner: 6th, 100 IM; 6th, 100 Breast; 7th, 200 Breast
Finn Howard: 4th, 100 IM; 5th, 50 Free; 3rd, 100 Back
Austin Winchester: 5th, 100 IM; 3rd, 200 Free; 5th, 400 IM; 12th, 50 Free; 1st, 500 Free; 1st, 1650 Free

2nd, 800 Free: Howard, Adkins, Butner, Winchester
15th, 800 Free: Butner, Davis, Kirby, Balkus
2nd, 200 Medley: Howard, Butner, Adkins, Winchester
1st, 400 Free: Howard, Adkins, Butner, Winchester
2nd, 200 Free: Howard, Adkins, Butner, Winchester
2nd, 400 Medley: Howard, Butner, Winchester, Adkins

Congratulations to all of our championship swimmers on two very successful weekends. Keep up the good work, Team.