TAC TITANS Service Credit Program

2020-2021 UPDATED June 2019


The TAC TITANS rely on member families to facilitate TITANS meets in order to provide a positive experience for swimmers and spectators. As the leading nonprofit aquatic facility in North Carolina, we strive to keep our pricing competitive. For us to effectively balance competitive pricing and keep travel costs at a minimum for TITANS families, we regularly host home swim meets in our world class facility. As a result, we need sufficient coverage at swim meets and team events by our TITANS member families. TAC TITANS will be implementing the following Service Credit Program for the 2020-2021 season.

On a yearly basis, the TAC TITANS administrative staff will review the expectations of the Service Credit Program to determine if any changes are required to meet future team needs and growth.  Any changes will be communicated prior to registration each year.

The following summarizes the TAC TITANS Service Credit Program policies and procedures. 

1.     Service Credit Expectations - Each family (based on account; not the number of athletes in a family) in the TAC TITANS Elite program is expected to earn at least ten (10) Service Credits per Competition Year (September – July). Each family (based on account; not the number of athletes in a family) in the TAC TITANS Challenge program is expected to earn at least seven (7) Service Credits per Competition Year (September – July). In the event a family has multiple swimmers in different tracks, the Service Credit Obligation is calculated based on the highest level swimmer in a family.

a.     A Service Credit is equivalent to $60 or a total of

1.     $600 for the entire season for swimmers in the Elite track.

2.     $420 for the entire season for swimmers in the Challenge track.

b.     Families earn Service Credits by working at TAC TITANS hosted swim meets and other sponsored events requiring assistance.

c.     Families can also earn Service Credits by their leadership roles on the TITANS Leadership Council (TLC), Triton Club board member, and as a group liaison. There may be other opportunities to earn credits by volunteering at team-sponsored events which, when applicable, will be communicated to the membership.  (See the chart at the end of the document for defined roles that support the TITANS.)

d.     Please note that some of the TLC lead and committee positions may already be filled for the upcoming season.  If a TLC or committee position is of interest to you, please contact the Service Credit Coordinators to express your interest, learn more about future opportunities and perhaps receive training in advance.

e.     For families joining the TITANS after September and the initial registration period, Service Credit Hours will be prorated as follows: 1 credit hour per month for the Elite Track; .5 credit hour per month for the Challenge Track (rounded up to the nearest whole number.)

2.     Jr. TITANS and Teen TITANS families are also expected to assist at swim meets to support the team but their Service Credits are not tracked at this time.  This may be revisited in the future based on seasonal program utilization data and growth.

3.     The Service Credit Job Listing is posted on the website and in the chart below.  Each job is assigned a credit value. Please note that some jobs require pre-training before an individual will be approved to work in that role. 

a.     In addition to the roles detailed on the job listing, there will be other opportunities to help with tasks associated with various larger team events.  This work will also be eligible for Service Credits and will be announced to the team when applicable.

b.     For member families with unique situations that may make it difficult to work in certain meet specific roles, please contact [email protected] for assistance in finding the right job for your particular situation.  We have a wide variety of positions to meet varied needs.

4.     Signing up for Service

a.     Families can sign up for various roles throughout the season via our team website (Team Unify).

b.     Opportunities will be announced via e-mail and the website.

c.     Service Credit positions will generally be recruited at least one week prior to the meet or event.

d.     Service Credit position age requirement is 13 years old.  Registered TAC TITANS swimmers are allowed to assist at age 12.

e.     Please note that students (TAC TITANS swimmers or other family members) may serve through the family’s account and earn service credits for the TAC TITANS Service Credit Program while concurrently earning service hours needed for school or community clubs, honor societies, etc.

5.     Tracking of Service Credits will be handled through the Team Unify system.

a.     In order to earn a Service Credit, the person signed up must check-in at the appropriate time and work the entire duration of the job.  If you leave your job early without providing adequate coverage, no Service Credit will be given.

b.     If an individual signed up does not check in by the appropriate time, their role will be re-assigned and credit will be given to the family who fills the role.

c.     A penalty of one service credit (-1) will be assessed to the account in the event of a no-show without a minimum 24-hour notification via email to [email protected] and removal of the family's commitment in Team Unify.

d.     Service Credits cannot be split between families.  The Service Credit will be assigned to the family who signs up to work the session.   If someone fills in for another member for a partial session, no incremental credit will be given.

e.     It can take up to a week for service credits to be reflected on a families’ account.

6.     Service Credit Billing

a.     The March invoice will have a $300 Service Credit semi-annual charge for the Elite Track and a $210 semi-annual charge for the Challenge Track.  The Service Credits earned between September and February will offset this charge. If a balance is due, it will need to be paid with the March invoice. The August invoice will have a $300 Service Credit semi-annual charge for the Elite Track, and a $210 semi-annual charge for the Challenge Track. The Service Credits earned between March and July will offset this charge. Any credits earned over the $300 for Elite and $210 for Challenge during this period will result in a refund of any amount paid towards service credit in March, if applicable.  If a balance is due, it will need to be paid with the August invoice.

b.     TITANS encourage families to distribute service credits throughout the season.

c.     Any service credits worked beyond the required number will not be rolled forward to the next swim season.

d.     If a family terminates participation with the TAC TITANS before the end of the 11 month swim season, the Service Credits will be prorated as follows: two credits for the initial membership month, plus one additional credit per month of participation.

e.     Service Credit funds received from the annual charges will be used to offset the cost of additional meet staff hired to fill vacant roles (See chart for applicable jobs).

f.      At the end of each swim season, 80% of the net surplus received will be given to the TAC TITANS Triton Club to disburse for team purchases after all hired labor is expensed to fill vacant roles (See chart for applicable jobs).

7.     Questions/Comments

a.     Program information will be posted on the website to assist families in their understanding of the expectations of the program.

b.     We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to best provide support for the TAC TITANS in the future.  If you have any suggestions regarding this program, please contact the TITANS administration at [email protected] .




Service Credits

(Per Meet Session Worked)

Officials (Stroke & Turn, Starter & Admin Official)

1 Service Credit

*Must be USA Swimming Certified

Clerk of Course

1 Service Credit

*Requires pre-training

Formal apprentice or trainee roles (for officials and other roles requiring training)

1 Service Credit

*Must be approved in advance to train

Timers (including Head Timer and Relief Timer)

1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit

Meet Marshall

1 Service Credit

Volunteer Check-In

1 Service Credit

Hospitality Helper

1 Service Credit

Heat Prize Distribution

1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit

Heat Sheet/Admission Sales

1 Service Credit

Triton Club Meet Table

0.5 Service Credit

Distributes Heat Sheets and other functions

Team Event Volunteers (Kick-Off Party Volunteers, Leadership Breakfast Volunteers, Awards Banquet Volunteers)

1 Service Credit

Away Meet Timer**

1 Service Credit

TLC Committee Chair

5 Service Credits

Triton Club Board Chair

5 Service Credits

Group Liaison

5 Service Credits


*Note: not all positions are available at all meets.  Positions needed and numbers of openings will be determined by the meet sanction guidelines and size of the meet.

** Applies only when TITANS are required to fill timer positions at away meets.

TAC Administration reserves the right to change Service Credit roles throughout the season as meets or events are in need of additional help. All Service Credit roles will be publicized to TAC TITANS families in order for families to reach their 10 service credits during the season.