TITANS Leadership Council

The TITANS Leadership Council (TLC) consists of 12 members who are TITANS parents.  The Council is committed to enriching the swim team experience for all participants by working closely with the TITANS staff. Primary roles of the TLC include: representing the TITANS in a positive manner, acting as liaisons between swimmer's parents and TITANS staff, providing input on team apparel, and supporting the TITANS staff as needed.


The leadership council will be elected by the general membership at an annual meeting, typically during the spring awards ceremony.  A slate is presented to the membership by a Nominating Committee consisting of one TLC  member, one TITANS staff member, and one TITANS parent at large. TLC terms are 2 years. TLC members who serve a full term must take a one-year reprieve prior to resuming service as a council member. Terms run annually June through May.

Each member of the TLC, with the exception of the President and President Elect, will lead one committee.  Each committee will schedule and meet as needed, providing reports at TLC regular meetings.

Council Structure

President                                                           Tim Zettel

President  Elect                                                 Heather Whelehan

Communications                                                Silvija Dry

Communications                                                MaryAnn Kearns

Community Service/Outreach                          Tara Kozlowski

Dues Reduction                                                 Kevin Thompson

Social                                                                 Dina Goembel

Team Spirit (3)                                                  Sarah Tangeman, Christa Pena &

                                                                           Jennifer Wiggins

Service Credit Program Coordinator (2)          Kristan Lloyd & Lisa Honaker

Please download the summary descriptions if you are interested in serving on the TLC or would like to learn more about the various leadership roles.


The TLC also needs volunteer support for our committee chairs, as they work to support the team in various capacities.  If you are interested in assisting with any of the following work, please e-mail volunteers@tactitans.org for more information.

Volunteer Committee:

  • Lead Hospitality Coordinator – coordinates all hospitality planning for the season, ensuring trained committee members are assigned to each hosted meet.
  • Volunteer Committee members to train on meet check-in responsibilities, teen timer orientation, meet planning and other volunteer focused duties.


Social Committee:

  • Lead Coordinator – Kickoff event – handles pre-planning and coordinates volunteers for the annual Kickoff event in September.
  • Lead Coordinator – Awards banquet event – handles pre-planning and coordinates volunteers for the annual Awards Banquet in April.
  • Senior committee lead – helps plan and coordinate senior group events, signing days and senior recognition portion of the awards banquet.
  • Social Committee members to assist with event planning and execution.


Team Spirit Committee:

  • Team Bulletin Board Coordinator– assists chair with design and updates to the team bulletin board at TAC.
  • Awards Coordinator – sorts awards received by TITANS swimmers after meets and coordinates distribution. 
  • Practice Group Liaison Coordinator – works with coaches to ensure each practice group has an assigned Parent Liaison.  Provides regular communications and ideas to the practice group liaisons.
  • Practice Group Liaisons – assigned to support the lead coach for a specific group.  Helps new families get acclimated with TITANS swimming, plans social and/or team building events for the group and assists with group communications.
  • Team Spirit Committee members to assist with apparel distribution, championship meet events (pasta dinners), etc.


Communications Committee:

  • Newsletter Coordinator  - designs and develops quarterly TAC TITANS newsletter for member families
  • Team Photography Coordinator – assists Communications Committee Chair in ensuring regular photos are taken at meets and team events, and then subsequently compiled and organized for use.


Community Service Committee:

  • Teen Timer Coordinator - builds relationships and networks with area high schools and community organizations to ensure teen timers are recruited for each of our hosted meets.
  • Committee members to assist with event planning and execution.