Parent Resources

Lisa Honaker, TLC President, has created a great presentation about being a swim parent, safe sport, the TAC Titans coaching philosophy, swim club management, our service credit program, and team support. This presentation is geared for newer swim parents, but is also a nice refresher for veterans or those new to the TITANS.

Also, thanks to Olivia Honaker for creating the TITANS Swim Parent Handbook, New Swimmer Roadmap: A Survival Guide for Parents and Swimmers.

Join the Titans Parents Facebook group to stay up to date on team updates and connect with other swim parents. Please be sure to answer all of the membership questions in order to be granted access to this private group. 


TITANS Parent Orientation


TITANS Swim Parent Handbook


Titans Parents Facebook Group


Financial Policy FAQs


Helpful Hints for New TITANS Families


Carpool Request Form. We have received requests to assist parents in identifying others that are interested in carpooling.  We hope this information will be helpful to our members.  The form allows you to enter the days you need assistance or can offer assistance. First, submit a Carpool Request Form. Once you submit the form, a screen will pop up with a link to edit your request in the future.  Save that link because it will allow you to modify your request in the future.  You can then view what others have submitted by following the link to the online spreadsheet.  This menu will only be visible to members that are logged into Team Unify.