The Titans have developed a new Meet Suit Policy to promote team spirit, align with our sponsor (TYR) and provide consistency and structure for our Titans swimmers.  The primary goal is to be coordinated as a TEAM when we are competing against other swim clubs and participating in championship meets.  In developing the policy, our coaches have balanced team goals and coaching philosophy with the cost to our swim families. The coaches considered the swimmer’s age, development, ability, level of competition, fit, and cost associated with each suit and meet in order to find the best options offered by TYR for our swimmers.

This policy is mandatory for our Challenge and Elite level swimmers, and optional for all other swimmers. 

This Meet Suit Policy only applies to suits and caps worn during swim meets and is not applicable for normal practices.   Swimmers may wear the swimsuit and swim cap of their choice to practices. 

Non-Championship Meets:

The standard TAC Titans team suit and white Titan’s cap is required for all regular season meets (e.g. Blue Green IntraSquad Meet, TYR Big Southern Classic).  Any deviation from this policy would be a direct result of a specific coaches’ decision for a specific swimmer or group.  To put it simply, coaches can determine if a technical suit is best for a swimmer in a specific situation.

***If a swimmer has the team suit from the 2017-2018 season, he or she may wear the suit until it wears out. After which time, they must follow the guidelines set forth. 

Championship Meets:

For Championship Meets (e.g. North Carolina Age Group Champs, ESSZ Sectionals, Tar Heel States) swimmers may elect to wear the appropriate level technical suit as outlined in the attachment.  If you have questions about the appropriate suit, please talk with your coach about which suit is most appropriate for your swimmer and your budget. And please know, purchasing a championship suit is never required.  If you choose not to purchase a technical suit, your swimmer should follow the policy for the Non-Championship Meets.  

***For 2016/17, if a swimmer has already purchased a championship suit that does not follow the guidelines, he or she may wear the suit until it wears out. After which time, they must follow the guidelines set forth. 

2019-2020 Suit Guide

Click the following link for the 2019-2020 TAC Titans Suit Guide

In order to receive full team discounts offered, please order your team suits and additional caps from Swim Gear of NC. Details on ordering championship suits like the Tracer and Avictor suits will be distributed at a later date as we are working with TYR to provide the best prices possible for the upcoming season.   

The following meet suit policy can be changed or altered by the Titans coaching staff at any time. This policy goes into effect immediately.