What is the TITANS Dues Reduction program?
Have you heard about the TITANS Dues Reduction program? It is a fundraising program for the TAC TITANS and allows you to build up credits for your account to pay towards the monthly membership dues, meet fees, travel costs, etc.  Plus it's a unique chance to get to know some other parents in the TITANS family that you might not otherwise meet.
The TITANS have contracts with local venues (PNC Arena and Walnut Creek Amphitheater) which gives us the chance to work at the venues during concerts, hockey games, basketball games, etc.  We sell refreshments at the events, including alcohol, so you may need training for dealing with the alcohol enforcement laws. The team gets a credit based on the amount of sales we deliver.  The TITANS are then able to credit your account at $10 for every hour worked.
If interested, send email to duesreduction@tactitans.org to get added to the distribution list! Training to work at PNC Arena generally takes place in the Sept-Nov timeframe.  Walnut Creek training is in April-May.