Dues Reduction Venue Information

What is the TITANS Dues Reduction program?

Have you heard about the TITANS Dues Reduction program? It is a fundraising program for the TAC TITANS and allows you to build up credits for your account to pay towards the monthly membership dues, meet fees, travel costs, etc.  Plus it's a unique chance to get to know some other parents in the TITANS family that you might not otherwise meet.
The TITANS have contracts with local venues (PNC Arena and Walnut Creek Amphitheater) which gives us the chance to work at the venues during concerts, hockey games, basketball games, etc.  We sell refreshments at the events, including alcohol, so you may need training for dealing with the alcohol enforcement laws. The team gets a credit based on the amount of sales we deliver.  The TITANS are then able to credit your account at $10 for every hour worked.
If interested, send email to  d uesreduction @tactitans.org to get added to the distribution list! Training to work at PNC Arena generally takes place in the Sept-Nov timeframe.  Walnut Creek training is in April-May.



  • Earn credit on your account to help pay for monthly membership dues.  ($10 per volunteer hour plus tips at some venues)
  • Get to know other TITANS parents
  • Support TITANS fundraising projects
  • Flexibility – choose when and how much to volunteer
Our group sells concessions and alcohol at local arenas. Training is provided. Current Venues:
  • PNC Arena
  • Coastal Credit Union Music Park (formerly Walnut Creek Amphitheater)
Any active TITANS family on any track/schedule is eligible to participate.

How to sign-up to work a Dues Reduction event

All Dues Reduction events (DR) are listed on TeamUnify. After logging into your TITANS account on TeamUnify, go to the Events tab. To sign up for a Staff slot or Standby slot, click on the check-box next to an open slot, then press the Sign Up button.  Please fill in the first name and cell phone number of the person working the event so we have all the details. Standlead and Cook slots require special training before you can sign up.
If you are on Standby, you must be available to work up until 1 hour before the event. Standby slots might get called by a Volunteer to fill in a last minute open slot or by the Venue Coordinator to work an extra stand. It's worth signing up for Standby!
If you can no longer work after signing up for a slot, you are responsible for contacting the first Standby, and go down the Standby list. Once you find a sub to take your spot, make the appropriate changes in TeamUnify, and notify the Venue Coordinator. 

Sign Up Limits

Each family can be signed up for a maximum of 3 Staff slots for all future events.  In addition, you can sign up for another 6 Standby slots. (If both parents are working 1 event, that equates to 2 slots out of the 3 limit.)  Once you complete working an event, you can go back into TeamUnify and sign up for an additional slot.  The limit applies to all upcoming events, whether at Walnut Creek or PNC Arena (or any future venues we set up).
To check how many events you're signed up for, go the Events tab, then the Reports tab.  Choose "Job Signup Report for My Account."  This will show  you all future events you're signed up for.  If you've got more than 3 Staff or 6 Standby slots, please remove enough signups to get within the limit.

When will my Dues Reduction credit appear on my account?

All DR events for a month will be submitted to TAC Finance after the last day of that month. Finance will process all credits during the next month. Credits will be reflected in the next bill after that. For example, July events will be posted on the September 1 bill.

Cash Tips Allowance

The Triangle Aquatic Center is a nonprofit organization, and therefor does not accept tips.

Any possible cash tip offered to a TITANS Volunteer during a Dues Reduction event are considered to be outside the scope of the Triangle Aquatic Center and should be reported and processed as legally required by the individual receiving a tip.