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To Prepare every Swimmer for Optimal Performance and Leadership - Both in and out of the Water. The TITANS team strives to develop each athlete to their greatest individual potential. The TITANS coaching staff works to teach, train and motivate swimmers to achieve at their peak in the water, in the classroom and in life. The positive experience that swimming provides will allow each TITAN to become successful young adults in today's society, developing a confident self image and healthy habits which are of the utmost importance.

The TITANS program instills an underlying understanding and appreciation for goal setting and achievement, self-motivation, team spirit, camaraderie, cooperation, time management and mental and physical toughness. Please contact [email protected] or 919-459-4045 for more information

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TAC TITANS Annual Fall Kick Off

Attention, TITANS families! Fall Kick Off is has been re-scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd from 1 PM until 4 PM and we hope to...

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Introducing Back to Swim Nights

Get to know the coaches and parent liaisons and learn all about group expectations, communication best practices, meets, and group events. These information sessions...

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Order your TITANS apparel online

You can now order your favorite TITANS apparel online. Use the link below to place your order. ORDER NOW!

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TAC TITANS Scorecard

There are several ways to measure or keep score of how well your TAC Titans swim team is performing. The most important qualitative measure...

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