Frequently Asked Questions –
Service Credit Program


I volunteered at the last meet, why do you need me again?

The TITANS typically host 15-18 meets per swim season. The number of volunteers needed depends on the size of the meet and total number of sessions (i.e. prelims/finals, distance events, etc). As an example, it takes more than 250 volunteer slots to effectively host a 3-day, Prelims/Finals meet. So, doing the math, we ask that parents volunteer at least once in each meet their kid swims in, which equates to roughly 10 service credit hours. As a note, if the meet is one with qualifying times, not all TITANS swimmers may be attending. Therefore, we need families of those who are participating to volunteer more at that meet so the meet can run effectively.


What if someone else takes all the shifts before I sign up?

There are enough volunteer opportunities available for all families to meet the expectation. There’s always a place for any person who can volunteer!


Can you earn more than 1 credit at a meet?

Yes!!! A typical meet is multiple sessions over 2-3 days. If you choose to volunteer to fill a slot at multiple sessions, you can earn anywhere from 2-9 credits per meet. For example, if you swim Blizzard Blitz, there are 3 days with 3 sessions each day, for a total of 9 sessions. Although we do not recommend working all sessions in a meet, you could conceivably earn 9 credits in one meet. In addition, if more than one family member volunteers at a session, you earn credits for both slots filled.


Do I have to work when my child isn’t swimming?

You can choose to volunteer in so many different ways at so many different meets. If you prefer to meet your volunteer commitment while your child is swimming, just choose your shifts so you can have the best seat in the house: on deck!  If you’d rather volunteer at meets when your child isn’t swimming, that’s ok too. This may especially be true at championship meets that we’ll host at TAC. You may want to come and volunteer with your swimmer so they can watch some exciting, fast swims while supporting their teammates who are attending.


I have a physical limitation, what can I do?

There are so many meets and so many different positions. Can’t sit for 4 hours? Be a runner! Can’t stand for 4 hours?  Learn how to assist with the computer! You can be the photographer, help in hospitality – there’s a job for everyone. There are also behind the scene roles that can be done from home if you are interested.  Please reach out to to get more information about the role that might be best for you.


How can I check my current service credits on record?

You can log into TeamUnify or use the free app OnDeck to see how many credit hours you’ve accumulated during the course of the season. Login to Team Unify. Go to “My Account” on the left-hand navigation bar, then go to “My Invoice/Payment.” You will find a tab at the top for “Service Hours.” Click on that tab your credits to date will be displayed.


Can my child work the shift?

We generally ask that non-swimmer teen volunteers are at least 14 years of age to volunteer to work at a meet.  However, we make exceptions for experienced swimmers who are a bit younger – generally 12 years old to work independently or 11 if you plan to time or volunteer alongside them. Your swimmer probably enjoys coming back to watch Finals at a big meet anyway!  Give them the best seat in the house.  Swimmers make terrific timers because they understand how a meet actually works.


Can my teen use these same hours for NHS or KEY CLUB?

The TITANS don’t put any restrictions on using community service volunteer hours for any other organization. If your teen is in National Honor Society or another community organization and needs volunteer hours, we’re happy to have them help us at a meet! They should sign up to volunteer through your family’s Team Unify account so their hours count towards the team’s volunteer program tracking. We can provide necessary documentation for teen volunteers for other organizations – just have them ask about it when they check in to volunteer at the meet!


Is there any historical data about volunteerism from previous years?

Yes! We have been tracking through Team Unify volunteer hours by account. The data shows last year, 50% of our families met our expectation. But 20% of our member families worked under 1 or less hours for the entire season.