Group Placement Information

The “TITANS Tracks” program is geared toward the long-term development of each individual athlete.  A well-defined, long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment is essential for attaining peak performance.  In our younger age-groups, emphasis will be placed on developing a swimmer's technical skills and their love for the sport.  As each swimmer grows through the sport, the physical and psychological demands of swimming will grow with them.  If the physical and psychological demands out pace their development, any short-term gains will soon be negated and often result in athletes not reaching their maximum potential as senior swimmers.

To effect long-term results, proper training groups are essential.  Swimmers need to be compatible in the following areas:

1. Age
2. Training Ability
3. Competitive Aspirations
4. Commitment Level

Please note that proper group placement is essential to each individual's development.  Placement in a training group that is more advanced than a swimmer's current level of development will result in a slower rate of progression over the long-term.  That said, just because a swimmer is physically capable of handling a higher level of training does not in and of itself justify participation at that level.

NOTE: Registration approval does not guarantee a placement in the group for which you registered. Each of the above four criteria will be taken into account when doing any Group Placement, Evaluations or Tryout periods (if required) for every group.



In the event that the number of qualified registered athletes who meet a specific group's guidelines exceeds the size cap due to space limitations, the Lead Coach for that group will invite each of the qualified athletes to a two week practice trial period.  At the conclusion of that trial period, the Lead Coach will notify the invited athletes.  The notification date is determined by the Lead Coach.  If the athlete declines the invitation, the invitation may then be extended to next athlete on the Lead Coach’s list.  Athletes who do not receive or decline an invitation will be offered a place in the appropriate open group.

NOTE: Tryouts will typically occur during open registration periods. However, there may be individual tryouts during the season if an athlete is demonstrating the ability and characteristics for the next higher group.


There are natural times in the swimming season during which group changes are typically made. The two most obvious ones are the interval between short-course and long-course season and then during the registration period when transitioning from long-course to short-course. There may also be times during a season when an athlete is consistently demonstrating, in both practice and competition, that he/she is ready to take the next step in development.