Training group placements are based on many factors: biological and physiological age, mental and emotional development, commitment to the sport, technique and training abilities, race performances, and coach’s intuition. Coaches are guided by the team’s philosophy that aid their decisions in placing each swimmer in the appropriate group that will allow them to develop and evolve within the TEAM Charlotte program. To schedule an evaluation for your swimmer, please contact Kristina Bond (




Age: 14+ or rising 9th Grade

Meet Focus: Sunkissed Championships, NC Senior Champs, Sr. Sectionals, Junior Nationals

Senior athletes are striving to make an impact on the state, sectional and national level. This form of training is designed to stretch beyond the conventional workouts, while probing and challenging the uniqueness of each athlete. This group requires a training ethic necessary to push through traditional physical and mental barriers to discover personal improvement.  This program is for the dedicated athlete who’s already prepared for serious training on a daily basis.  Each athlete entering this group will shoulder the responsibility of a role model for our club’s developing athletes, at swim meets and in practice. 100% attendance is highly encouraged.

Working on:

  • Communication (Swimmer: Coach)
  • Preparing for success beyond high school
  • Positive leadership skills
  • Good nutrition habits



Ages: 13+ or rising 7th Grade

Meet Focus: Sunkissed Championships, AG Champs, AG Sectionals, Senior Champs

Athletes are selected for pre-senior based on attitude, mental toughness, reaction to positive and negative results, and ability to inspire the group. To reach the goals demanded by this group, we require a "training maturity" necessary to absorb the increased practice volume and intensity. See the description of the Senior group to better understand the foundational focus of this group.

Working on:

  • Teaching "Process vs. Outcome" as athletes begin to plateau. This phase shifts into mentality focus.
  • Developing accountability in time management and practice dedication.
  • Swimming experience outside TEAM
  • Understanding social media policy
  • IMX Extreme races will be a large focus for this group. A prerequisite is proficient race control in IMX Ready races.





Ages: 14+ or 8th Grade

Meet Focus: Western Open, Sunkissed Championships

Gold is designed for swimmers with differing end goals. So while some will be preparing for the Pre-Senior and Senior tracks, others may choose to prepare for high school and summer league swimming. While stressing the value of having fun while working hard, we will dedicate significant time to form and technique including proper streamlines, execution of turns, underwater work, breath control for all strokes, and body line awareness. *Selections to Senior and Pre-Senior are based largely on an athlete’s commitment to improve and desire to work.

Working on:

  • Mental maturity growth
  • Understand the importance of the process of achieving
  • IMX Ready races
  • Stroke control and confidence



Ages: 11+ or 5th Grade

Meet Focus: Sunkissed Championships, NC Age Group Champs,

Silver is an exciting group that emphasizes the importance of transforming good practice form and technique, in to meet performance.  Athletes learn motor control while assuming ownership of their swimming through proper form, race preparation, and positive self-talk. Our Silver group swimmers keep an eye on race performance goals, but primarily utilize swim meets to learn how to compete by translating what they’ve learned in practices.  

Working on:

  • Mid to longer distance races
  • Balancing end of season goals, mid-season focus, daily practices, and academic goals.
  • Focus on 11-12/13-14 AG Champs and AG Sectionals.  Because of the significant difference in time cuts required of newcomers to this age brackets, this will require an increase in training load.
  • 500 Free as IMX Extreme races



Ages: 12+ or 6th Grade

Meet Focus: Western Open

Designed for age group swimmers including swimmers new or early in their year-round swimming careers, Bronze group provides the space and freedom to learn the basic technical skills required for positive performance.   We work on how to manage transitions off “turns” and the important drills that lead to better stroke technique in all 4 strokes.  We have created a step-by-step process that will allow for maximum efficiency of practice time while keeping our practices fun.  Any athlete in this group will assume responsibility for implementing in to their races, regardless of time or finish place, the stroke improvements learned in practice.  Working closely with TEAM coaches, the Bronze athlete will work on becoming comfortable utilizing great form and technique.

Working on

  • Setting and achieving practice, meet & season goals
  • USA Swimming IMX Ready races are point of focus.
  • Stroke control and confidence in details in the shorter events before moving to the IMX Extreme races.





Meet Focus: Western Open, Sailfish Summer Splash

A collection of athletes brought together because of their development at an early age. TEAM coaches stress the importance of quality stroke work and overall form and athletes will come to value a good race over a fast race. In order to get the most out of swimming in the older divisions, this younger age group will stress stroke detail during races and will learn to slow down in their practice, to have better control.  Some Black group practices will include a 10-minute talk that may include topics such as how to mentally navigate difficult sets, to appreciating the value of a “team” and having fun.

Working on

  • Ownership: Tracking times during practice; cleaning up pool deck at end of practices/meets; setting and tracking simple goals.
  • Move from "IMX Ready" races to "IMX Extreme" (adding the 200 IM and 200 Free as meet focuses) Note: 9 & Unders may swim the 200 IM for experience but will not make it a focus until age 10



Meet Focus: Western Open, Sailfish Summer Splash

White group athletes spend considerable time developing the good habits, including form, technique and mental preparation, that are fundamental and necessary to advance to the higher levels. Because of the difficulty in achieving higher motivational standards and championship “cuts” required as they age out of the 10&U age group, we spend time discussing how to handle change and new challenges and the maturity level required for our upper level groups.  We will work through some difficult sets and talk through how to find internal motivation to continue improvement in the next phase of competitive swimming.

Working on

  • Tracking simple goals
  • Learning that while goals are good, learning the process is better
  • Understanding a pace clock
  • IMX Ready Races



Ages: 12 & Under/up to 5th Grade

Meet Focus: Western Open, Sailfish Summer Splash

The Blue group is the beginner group of our program, though not for “beginners” as swimmers must know all 4 strokes.  We do not have the standard designed "sets,” as this group is about understanding how to move the body in the water and float correctly.  Blue group will work to complete the fundamentals of swimming with an emphasis on developing a consistent kick.   Swimming is fun and our Blue group is designed to foster a passion for our sport.  We make a point to talk about the sport of swimming and the things that we will need to learn to advance to the upper level groups.  TEAM coaches will emphasize the enjoyment of participating in a team environment, and spend considerable time developing the good habits that are important to progress.

Working on:

  • Meet conduct
  • Practice conduct
  • Controlling emotions