WAVE Swimming will use this page to compile resources for our athletes and parents during this unprecedented time.  We will post thoughts, ideas and information.   We will post links to inforamtion and resources when availble.  Please check back regularly for information as we will add items as they become availble and please share any good information with us so we can add it. 

This may be the best resource page out there.  Many web sessions with Olympic swimmers and coaches, ideas , tips and thoughts. https://www.usaswimming.org/utility/swimming-community-coronavirus-resources


Resource pages for Imformation Regarding COVID-19 - these are the sources we are using to help guide us as a staff and board

USA Swimming COVID-19 Resource Page

North Carolina Swimming

Centers for Disease Contro

NC Department of Health and Human Services

While there are many sources of information out there we are mainly looking at these and legimite news (such as our local stations and the N&O) for guidance and direction.


Information on things our athletes can do

Fitter and Faster Live - daily live sessions with Olympians, great stuff!

Yoga for swimmers- this site has 5 free classses for intended for swimmers, 2 fundamental classes and 3 mobility focused classes   These are all all great for our athletes  

Mental Training - Dr. Alan Goldberg is one of the best in the business, having worked with our national team.  There are lots of free articles and thoughts available   


swimswam is offering daily dry land videos 

Xcel Movement and Performance - dozens of great videos for strengthening, mobility and rehab for injuries   This is their Facebook page, just click on the videos tab and then see all  

good push up technique

Information for swimmers to learn about our sport

Swimswam has lots of stories, training and fun articles - full disclosure, the founde is a former teammate of Coach John 

Swimming World Magazine they have news, ideas and also lots of swimming history

There are thousands of races on YouTube. 


Free Live Webinars
Fitter & Faster

Confidence Nuggets with Coach Christen


Reading List
It Takes What It Takes - Trevor Moawad