2021 ASCA Top 5 Club Swimming Age Group Program In The United States

USA Swimming Safe Sport

US Center for Safe Sport

USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

Safe Sport Best Practices

New Wave MAAPP 2.0 Policy

Dealing With A Safe Sport Concern
To deal with a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578.  Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233) or use the online reporting form or find more information at http://www.uscenterforsafesport.org/.  Our team safe sport club coordinator is Zach Murray and contact info is [email protected]

Grievance Procedure

Action Plan to Address Bullying

Athlete Code of Conduct

Unrelated Adult Athlete to Share a Room

Unrelated Applicable Adult to Travel to Competition

Unrelated Applicable Adult to Provide Local Transportation

Licensed Massage Therapist