Recognized as a Silver Medal Club for USA Swimming's 2023 National Club Excellence Program
5th in NC / 89th Nationally

Explanation of Fees for WAVE Swimming 2022-2023

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $155 ($180 after August 1) is required for every new/returning swimmer.  Each swimmer will receive a cap and t-shirts with the registration. This fee is non-refundable. The registration fee covers a USA Swimming registration fee; two team t-shirts, two team swim caps per swimmer enrolling and administrative costs.

Year-round Programs

The fiscal year for WAVE begins September 1 and ends August 31. Annual dues cover swim training between the announced start of the swim season and its completion (usually about 11 months). WAVE allows families to divide the annual dues into eleven (11) equal monthly installments.  If the membership is terminated early for any reason, the family is obligated to pay $250 (Silver, Gold, Pre-Senior & Senior). Whichever is the lesser amount between the $250 or the remaining dues will be the cancelation fee.  No refunds will be given for early termination of membership.  There is a 5% discount if the annual dues are paid in full by October 1st.  Full tuition payments are not eligible for refund if you leave the team early. 


Year-round Practice Groups

The 11 monthly dues add up to the total cost of annual dues.  You do not pay the annual dues and the monthly dues together.


Registration Fee

Monthly Dues

Total Annual Dues


















Month to Month Programs

WAVE offers five convenient and affordable month to month options which are perfect for new USA Swimming members and/or those looking for less commitment/cost to start out.  Our Beginning Competitive, Bronze, Varsity, Winter Imps & Racin' Knights groups offer multiple days/times/locations to best fit your schedule and work for the most novice swimmers up to experienced high school swimmers.  Month to month groups are offered all year long and carry NO cancelation fee!  So you can participate in other activities with the convenience in practice times and affordability offered by WAVE.  

There is no cancelation fee to stop swimming in a month to month group as long as proper notification is given.  A month to month swimmer who plans to withdraw from a month to month group must give notice to [email protected] by the 15th day of their last month of swimming in order to avoid charges for the following month. For example, if a swimmer wishes to stop at the end of December, notice must be given by email to [email protected] by December 15th, to avoid being responsible for January dues.  Month to month swimmers may return at any time during the same fiscal year without incurring additional registration fees. A multi-swimmer discount is not available for swimmers in our month to month groups.


Registration Fee

Monthly Dues

Beginning Competitive









Racin' Knights

This is a seasonal stroke development class offered solely to all K-12 NRCA students.  Stroke development, starts and turns will be addressed in prepping students to be able to compete with the high school competitive swim team, summer league and/or meet other swimming goals.  Swimmers must be able to complete 2 laps of freestyle and or backstroke unassisted and without stopping.  This group will run from September through October and again from the end of February into May.  All school holidays will be observed in this practice group.  Practices run from 3:15pm to 4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The cost is $310 for the fall session and $310 for the spring session with the $155 annual (one time only) USA Swimming registration fee for insurance purposes included in the cost.  If you are a returning swimmer in the spring your registration fee will be reduced to $225.

Winter Imps

This is a seasonal development group for swimmers of all ages at our Cary Swim Club location. We practice from September through the beginning of summer league season (mid-May), twice a week for 60 minutes. A focus of the group is preparing for summer league, but it is appropriate for anyone who wants to develop their swimming skills, stay in shape, and have fun. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted before joining the group. Practices are on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. The monthly dues are $55, and the registration fee has been waived for this group. Swimmers will have a USA Swimming Flex membership, allowing them to compete in up to two USA Swimming sanctioned events per year.

Fundraising Opportunities

WAVE offers our member families the opportunity to participate in the fundraising opportunities at several venues.  By participating in the fundraising member families can earn credit against their team tuition.  Fundraising opportunities are available at the RBC Center, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, and the new Raleigh Amphitheatre.  In addition, fundraising credits can be earned by selling Heat Sheet Advertisements.  For more information on the fundraising opportunities, please contact the WAVE office.

Referral credit

Families may receive a credit for referring new members.  A $50 credit towards dues will be given for each swimmer that is new to USA Swimming.  To receive the credit, the referring family MUST be specified during the online registration process.  The credit will be awarded after the registration fee and two months of dues have been paid.

Other Fees

Optional services such as meet entry fees, social event costs and apparel purchases are not included in WAVE program fees. Meet entry fees are collected on a pay-as-you-go basis. Once the meet entry has been submitted to the host team, these fees are nonrefundable.

Program Fee Discounts Offered

1)     All families, with Year Round (Silver to Senior athletes), who pay the annual program dues by October 1, 2022, will receive a 5% credit on their account.  Full payment is not eligible for refund if you leave the team prior to the end of July.  

 2)    Multiple swimmer discounts are available to families with multiple enrolled children in the WAVE program according to the following stipulations:

a. The second swimmer in a family receives a 20% discount on dues.  This applies to the swimmer in lowest level group. 

b. The third swimmer in a family receives a 40% discount on dues. This applies to the swimmer in the lowest level group. 

c. The fourth (or more) swimmer in a family receives a 60% discount on dues. This will be applied to the swimmers in the lowest level groups.

d. Multiple swimmer discounts are not available for our month to month groups (Beginning Competitive, Bronze, Varsity & Racin' Knights).  


The New Wave Swim Team prepares for the team's future capital projects through the Capital Campaign. These can include equipment purchases, site improvement and repairs, etc.

This is a one-time contribution that is assessed to families on their second year on the team. The assessment for 1 swimmer is $500, for 2 swimmers is $750 and 3 + swimmers is $1,000. If a family only has one swimmer to begin with and adds more swimmers later the difference in the assessment will be added when the additional swimmers are in their second year.

The capital campaign was originally envisioned for year around families due to the lack of lane space to run month to month programs. The swim team has now acquired adequate lane space to run month to month programs.  Month to month program participants are also required to participate in the capital campaign, but in their third year of participation instead of the second year as required for the year around swimmers.

The capital campaign assessment will be charged to accounts in October of the year it becomes due.  If the start of the second year begins after September, it will be charged in the month following the start of the second year.  For example, if a swimmer joins in January, it will be charged to the account in February of the following year.  If a family is unable to pay this amount in full at the time of the assessment, they should contact the Wave business manager to discuss payment options.

Fiscal Policies of WAVE Swimming  

1) Delinquent or late payment of any of the program fees may result in a loss of swimmer practice time and meet participation until the payment is reconciled. Parents will be advised when a payment is past due. Delinquent families may receive up to 30 days to become compliant.

2) After an initial two-week membership (including the one-week evaluation), new swimmers to the program are considered to be obligated to the entire annual fee or session fee (whichever applies) regardless of the length of time the swimmer remains in the program. Should a swimmer cease practicing with a year-round group for any reason, a $250 (Silver, Gold, Pre-Senior & Senior) cancelation fee will be assessed to your account.  If your remaining dues for the year are less than the $250 fee, then your remaining dues will be the cancelation fee.  If a family fails to notify WAVE that their month to month swimmer will be stopping no later than the 15th of their last month participating, they will be responsible for the following month's fees.  

3) Program fees are based on the number of swimmers expected to be in the program year-round, an appropriate coach/swimmer ratio and contracted lane rental times. Discounting fees when a swimmer is absent or unable to participate is not possible. If a facility closure beyond WAVE?s control forces the temporary relocation of a practice group, families are still responsible for payment of program fees. WAVE makes every effort possible to provide alternate practice arrangements when a site becomes unavailable and to notify the membership in a timely fashion when such closures are announced to us.

4) Meet entry fees are billed on your next statement. Once entered into a meet, these fees are nonrefundable. 

5) Optional services such as meet entry fees, social event costs and apparel purchases are not included in the WAVE program fees.

6) Members whose checks are returned by our bank will be charged a $30 returned check fee per violation. Payments delinquent after 60 days will incur late payment charge for fees owed.

7) Fees for swimmers who move into a different practice group are pro-rated according to the fee schedule of the group to which the swimmer is changing.

8) Fundraising done by WAVE families can apply to the current and following year's dues; however, if a family leaves the WAVE Swimming program, any excess credit will remain in the WAVE general operating fund.

9) WAVE Relies on Volunteer Support of the meets that we host.   Our volunteer support includes both working at our meets and making donations for our hospitality.  These meets allow for reduced program costs and less travel expenses for our families.   Each family is expected to work during each of our hosted meets whether your swimmer(s) are participating or not and to provide hospitality items.  We do not have a monetary fine for not working as some clubs do, but ask that each family does their part to make WAVE a better program for the swimmers.