ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers entering TYDE Competitive Silver level are required to demonstrate the ability to competently swim all of the above and be technically correct (legal) in all four strokes and have two (2) B Times per Short Course (25 Yard) USAS Motivational Times Standards for the practice age/level to which they would be assigned.  These must have been achieved at an approved or sanctioned meet and be in the USA Swimming SWIMS database.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS:  Participate in 3-4 practices/week based on level.


FOCUS MEET:  GYSSA (held in March). 
Eligibility:  Must attend at least one Closed Y meet (with only Y swim teams) between September and March. 
Closed Y meets are noted on the meet schedule.

BONUS MEETS:  NCS Age Group State Championships (held in February) and/or USRY (held in March).
  • NCS Age Group State Championships :  For those age 14 or younger on the meet start date.  Must achieve qualifying times.  See Time Standards page for current times.
  • USRY:  Must achieve qualifying times.  See  Time Standards page  for current times.  Must also attend at least three Closed Y meets (with only Y swim teams) between September and March.  Closed Y meets are noted on the meet schedule.

SILVER CODE OF CONDUCT (Read & sign digital version or print, sign, and return to coach)

SILVER EXPECTATIONS (Mandatory reading for swimmers and caregivers/parents)



  1. White TYDE Swim cap, goggles, water bottle, and required equipment as designated for the group/level (see Required Equipment for Groups).  Speedo swim suits are preferred.  Speedo tie-back suits are acceptable. 
    (No Jolyn tie-back or two-piece suits).  Only modest cut Jolyn suits are acceptable.
  2. Swimmer is responsible for bringing ALL equipment to practice every day (unless otherwise instructed).
  3. Put your name on all equipment (including team apparel and suits).
  4. At the end of practice, swimmers are responsible for picking up all equipment, trash, water bottles, etc.


  1. Respect your coaches, teammates, the YMCA and TYDE at all times
  2. Listen and look at your coaches when they are speaking to you.
  3. Follow directions.  Raise your hand to ask questions if you don’t understand instructions.
  4. Learn to read the pace clock.
  5. Work together as a team.  Be proud to be a TYDE swimmer.
  6. Be prepared with all equipment at every practice
  7. Focus on swimming RIGHT (good, correct technique) before swimming FAST. 
  8. Come to practice with a positive attitude and ready to work hard.
  9. Clean up after every practice.  Leave the pool cleaner than when you arrived.


  1. TYDE is a competitive swim team, therefore Competitive-level swimmers are required to compete in meets and expected to attend all meets in which they are eligible to compete. 
  2. Swimmers/Caregivers are expected to review the TYDE meet schedule linked on the website under the MEETS/EVENTS tab and mark their calendars to save the date for meets they will attend.
  3. Swimmers/Caregivers are responsible for declaring their intentions for TYDE swim meets on the TYDE website when meet signups are posted.  Coaches will pick events and challenge swimmers to become well-rounded athletes by swimming as many different events as possible.
  4. All entries will be posted on the TYDE team site for review prior to the start of the meet.  Meet details and instructions will be shared a day or two before each meet.  Results will be posted on the team site after meets.
  5. White TYDE team caps and black Speedo team suits MUST be worn at swim meets. Jolyn and tie-back suits are not acceptable for competition. Speedo tech suits are to be worn only at championship meets along with championship team caps and coach approval. 
  6. It is the Swimmer’s responsibility to meet with coaches before and after races for instructions and feedback.
  7. Being a good teammate and a good sport is expected at swim meets.  This includes cheering and supporting teammates and winning and losing with dignity.