From WSY to TYDE

The TYDE program started in 1973 as the Winston-Salem YMCA Swim Team, or WSY. The team quickly grew to become a perennial power in YMCA swimming highlighted in 2000 and 2001 by earning back to back Women’s National Team Championships at YMCA Spring Nationals!

WSY served thousands of area youth over the years teaching them the basics of competitive swimming and the foundations of essential life skills. This tradition of excellence continued through four decades until expansion within our parent YMCA expanded our program opportunities to surrounding counties beyond the Winston-Salem city limits.

No longer the Winston-Salem YMCA, the (now) larger YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Association needed a broader name for it’s swim team. In the fall of 2009, the Winston-Salem YMCA Swim Team became the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Riptyde, (or TYDE), giving a new name to the tradition of swimming excellence.

To remember and honor the team's roots, WSY 1973-2009 team records have been preserved and are presented below…

WSY Team Records (SCY)

WSY Team Records (LCM)

WSY All Time Top 15 Times (SCY)

WSY All Time Top 15 Times (LCM)