2022/2023 Aquastorm Member Rates

Rates effective for 2022/2023 Season.  Rates are effective starting October 2022.

Rate Type

Rate for 1st swimmer per family

Rate for additional swimmers per family
Registration 1 $160/year $160/year
Masters $65/month $65/month

Nationals, Senior 2, Senior 1

$115/month $109.25/month
Age Group 2 $90/month $85.50/month
Age Group 1 $80/month $76.00/month
Developmental $60/month $57.00/month










1 Includes $64 USA Swimming Registration Fee + $10 NDLSC Fee

2021/2022 Aquastorm Member Meet Fees

Rates effective for 2021/2022 Season.  Rates are effective starting October 2021.

Meet Duration

Meet Fee

1-day Meet $40
Multi Day Meet2 $45

2 Other club meet fees may differ; in that case, you will be notified. Also if a swimmer chooses to swim in a meet that Aquastorm is not attending, those meet fees will be paid directly to the host club by the swimmer attending and may vary.