Mini Marlins

Mini-Marlins is a program run by the Mandan Marlins Swim Club coaches that prepares swimmers to join the competitive swim team. The program runs in 8-week sessions on one night a week for an hour in a small group of 10 swimmers. We run one session in the fall, one in the spring, and one in the summer. In order to be a Mini-Marlin, the swimmer must already be comfortable in the water, able to go underwater, float, and able to perform a basic kick for 15 yards (half a pool length) without needing to grab onto anything for assistance.

In order to graduate from Mini-Marlins and join the team, a swimmer must be able to swim a length of freestyle with correct rotary breathing and a length of backstroke comfortably without stopping.

Summer Session of Mini-Marlins: June-July 2022 

To get on our list for the summer session -- email  [email protected]