Returning Member Registration

  • Please sign in to your account using the Sign In button at the top right of the home page.
  • Click on purple "Registration" button on the home page and Click the green Continue or Check Status button. This will prompt you to update your account information, select the group for your swimmer this season and review necessary waivers and policies. After completing registration, you will receive an email confirmation, once the registration has been approved by the club.

New Member Registration

There are two times a year when we welcome new swimmers at the start of new seasons: October for our Short Course Season and May for the Summer Long Course Season. Other times of the year, please contact the head coach to see if there is space to coordinate a private try out with the team. 
To register your athlete for the Mandan Marlins please:
  • Click on the purple Registration button on the home page.
  • Click Continue or Check Status at the bottom of that page.
  • You will be prompted to enter information to create your new account. Click Continue.
  • Now, you will add your swimmer's information, including their group for the season. New members, please select Long Course - Summer 2022 need USA Registration. You will also be asked to review and click a waiver and several policies. Click Continue.
  • You will finish your registration/checkout and be emailed a summary of your application for a new account.
  • After the club approves your registration as a new member, you will be sent an email confirming your registration for the season.

Please purchase required training equpiment for your swimmer's practice group through the Marlin's Swim Outlet Team Store. There is a bin of trade and share fins under the coachs' table. If you are not sure which practice group your swimmer is in, please reach out to a coach.

When registering your athlete please also review the following:

For questions regarding registration, please contact Alicia Lindsey at [email protected]om. 

2021-22 Fees

One-Time Short Course Registration Fee: $135 
This fee covers USA Swimming membership and team registration.  This fee should be billed to your credit card on the same day you register.
Monthly Club Tuition: $80
Monthly billing of $80 for the 1st Swimmer, $40 for the 2nd Swimmer, $20 for the 3rd and any additional swimmers from that family. Tuition is non-refundable once a swimmer has been in the water that month. 
Meet Fees: Meet fees vary, some charge flat fees and some charge per event. Average cost of a meet is around $30-$40. These fees will be charged to your account. If your swimmer is unable to swim the day of the meet, meet fees are not refundable. 
One-Time Long Course Fee: $150
June 1, 2022 a one time fee will be billed covering the season, $150 for the 1st swimmer, $70 for the 2nd swimmer, $35 for the 3rd and any additional swimmers from that family.
If a swimmer did not register for short course and therefore is in need of USA Swimming membership for the summer,  an additional fee of $40 per swimmer will be billed immediately upon registration.
Need-based scholarships are available. Qualifications are the same as those for free or reduced meals at your school. For questions regarding fees or billing, please contact Phil Schoellkopf at [email protected]