USA Swimming Registration – New Process


The USA Registration is a two step process:

  • Step 1:  Click the link below and create an account with USA Swimming
  • Step 2:  Click the link again and register with USA Swimming for the annual membership.  The fee is $78.


Couple of things to note:

-Going forward, all information (member info, contact info, etc.) should be updated in your USA Swimming account as it will override what is in the TeamUnify account.

-EVERY member will have to create a new USA Swimming account.

-USA Swimming has created quite a few Youtube videos with each step, the links are below.



Let's Get Started - Steps For Registration

1) The first step is to create your USA Swimming account. As a parent, you will create the account and then in a later step add your swimmers. Go to click 'Login' and then 'Create A Login'.


USA Swimming Video Tutorial




2) All members will need to create a new account.  Once you enter your email address, username, and password, the verification email will come from PingOne.  Once you enter in the verification code, it will ask you "Have you ever had a USA Swimming Membership"? Remember this is for the parent account, so unless you are a swimmer, coach or official you will select the X (no). 


3) After you enter the last of your information, your parent account is all set! It's now time to add Family Members. Click the person+ sign.


4) It will then ask you for your Member Id (Returning Members Only). With the upgraded system, your swimmer's Member ID is a new random 14-digit code.  Please refer to this list to find your swimmer’s ID:


Swimmer Member ID List


5) Very Important:  Once you have added your swimmers, it's time to complete their registration. You will go back through the registration link: where you will select the option 'The membership is for someone other than the logged-in user' and then the checkmark, followed by Renew Member.


USA Swimming Online Member Registration (OMR) Preview Video Tutorial


6) Search using their first name, last name and birth date. Then click on their name.



7) You will then go through 6 quick steps. A lot of the information should pre-populate from their previous registration but feel free to update the fields that are required and any optional fields that you'd like.



***On the Membership screen (step #3) you should select Premium Athlete.***




8)Once you finish those steps you can Add Another Member or Continue to the Payment Page.



9) The last step is to Process Payment. Each membership is $78.  Once done, you will receive an email confirmation from swims and USA Swimming, Inc.




YOU ARE ALL SET! If you have ANY questions or problems, please send an email to [email protected]