Amanda Warzecha Jul 20, 2019

Update: State entries should be done by tonight.

Amanda Warzecha Jul 20, 2019

Reminders: TODAY is the registration deadline for the state meet.  Meet information about the state meet was added to the site. NEXT WEEK, PRACTICE IS FOR STATE PARTICIPANTS ONLY! Age group practice times are as follows: Monday: 5:00 - 6:30 Tuesday: 5:00 - 6:15 Wednesday: 5:00 - 6:00 Thursday:  5:00 - 5:45

Amanda Warzecha Jul 19, 2019

Warm-ups will begin at 9:00AM tomorrow, please be on deck and ready to go at 8:50AM! 

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors Jul 17, 2019

The summer BoD meeting, Saturday, July 13, 2019 in Bismarck had some discussion regarding the Team ND Zones selection process. I wanted to make certain that our LSC was aware of the actual policy that is in place for the NDLSC as we near the ND State Long Course Championships in Bismarck as well as the Central Zones Championship in West Fargo. 8.2(5) Athlete Selection Policy: a. All athlete with a AAA time for an event may participate in that event. b. If an event has two or more athletes...

Amanda Warzecha Jul 10, 2019

Registration Deadline Reminders: The registration deadline for the Walleye Invitational is JULY 14TH The registration deadline for the State meet is JULY 20TH Thank you! 

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors Jul 7, 2019

For those of you following the FB page and SquadLocker (our wahoo apparel vendor), this is a quick reminder that the 20% off and free shipping ends today. 

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors May 8, 2019

Booster fees have been reset with new balances for the LC2019 season.  Booster Fees

Stacy & Wade Olson Mar 5, 2019

 As a reminder, it is against both team policy and the USA swimming policy to use cell phones in the locker rooms for taking pictures and/or videos. We have received  reports that this may be taking place, and want to make sure that it is discontinued immediately.  Please make sure your swimmer and or swimmers are aware of the policy.  Thank you RRV WAHOO BOD