From the NDLSC Admin Vice Chair RE Zones Selection

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors
Jul 17, 2019

The summer BoD meeting, Saturday, July 13, 2019 in Bismarck had some discussion regarding the Team ND Zones selection process. I wanted to make certain that our LSC was aware of the actual policy that is in place for the NDLSC as we near the ND State Long Course Championships in Bismarck as well as the Central Zones Championship in West Fargo.

8.2(5) Athlete Selection Policy:

a. All athlete with a AAA time for an event may participate in that event.

b. If an event has two or more athletes qualified with a "AAA" time then no additional athletes with non-qualifying times may attend.

c. Athletes with AAA qualifying times prior to the NDLSC State Championship Meet are asked to declare their intent to participate in the Zone Championship Meet with the Zone head coach, prior to the first day of the NDLSC State Championship Meet, but no later that one hour past the conclusion of the NDLSC State Championship Meet. A sign-up form will be provided by the Zone head coach the first day of the NDLSC State Championship Meet. All club coaches will be provided with these forms to disperse accordingly to their club.

d. For events that do not have two AAA participants signed up: intent must be declared by 8pm central time Sunday night of the NDLSC Long Course State Championships to be available for participation based on order of finish from the NDLSC Long Course State Championship. Following the 8pm deadline, the head coach will approve the entry of up to 2 swimmers to fill any open events without "AAA" qualifiers as policy allows. The head coach will notify parents ASAP but no later than noon on Monday following the NDLSC Long Course State Championship of those athletes selected to represent NDLSC at Zones. Information will also be posted via the Zone website. This assumes that the LSC is allowed to enter 2 individuals per event (currently the policy for the Central Zone Meet).

e. Team members, if allowed by the meet information, will be selected to fill open team positions by the following criteria:

i. Qualified swimmer (AAA Swimmer) is automatically selected for the team, if commitment has been declared.

ii. Remaining spots (up to two positions per event/age group depending on results of the above selection step) will be filled based on the following qualifications:

a. Swimmers must have swum a minimum of an A time in their associated age group the first day of competition on the start of the Central Zones competition. A swimmer with a time slower than an A time, will not be eligible to fill a spot on the team.

b. The next fastest swimmer during the current long course season, including results of the State Long Course Championships, would be eligible to the fill the position.

iii. "Time trial" times will not qualify a swimmer for one of the top two spots unless that time is AAA qualifying time. A time trial during the Long Course Championships, resulting in a time slower that a AAA time does not qualify for consideration for Zone selection.

f. Athletes may attend the Zone meet as a "relay only swimmer" under the following conditions:

i. If there is an open spot.

ii. The meet information allows.

iii. At the discretion of the Senior Vice-Chair and Head Coach.

Thank you,

Bret Haglund

NDLSC Admin Vice-Chair