2019-2020 Short Course Season - WELCOME BACK

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Happy September Everyone - we are quickly approaching the start of Short Course 2019-2020. If you are receiving this email, your account is currently active. Please watch for online registration communication coming soon from our registration chair - Stephanie Musselman. All returning swimmers must process their USA Swimming Renewal online - manual paperwork done at the pool is only for new swimmers that have never been with the team in the past. Renewals must be done no later than December 15, 2019 to allow for processing and verification - the sooner you can renew, the more efficiently we will be able to get everything processed and passed on to the state and then national chairs for completion. 

If you will not be returning this fall, please reply to this communication to let us know. Once we have confirmed that your account is paid in full, we will be able to deactivate your account. 

We look forward to a great short course season. As always, outside of our coaching staff, we are a fully volunteer run organization. We always have opportunities for our families to assist in the management of the team, including marketing, social media, concessions, registration, awards, timing, officiating, etc... Your role doesn't have to be defined already. If you see an opportunity to help, and/or role that would benefit the team, please feel free to contact the Board of Directors. If you can volunteer any time to help support our kids it would be fantastic.  

Thank you
RRV Wahoo Board of Directors