Wahoo Update

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Happy Sunday Everyone - we hope you are enjoying your "extra hour of daylight" with the extended sunshine this evening. 

We will be having our final formal parents' meeting of the season on Thursday, reviewing where we are at with state preparations, and getting ready for the pasta feed and setup next week Thursday. 

The meeting is Thursday at 5:15 - we are expecting to meet in room 172 as usual, but will move into the bowl in the Field House if the room is unavailable. 

PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGNUP FOR STATE JOBS - this is our largest fund raiser, and we depend on all of our families to step in and support the team, helping to put on a great event for the 600+ swimmers in the state. Thank you to those that have already logged hundreds of hours getting ready for the event. 

We look forward to seeing every family represented!