March Wrap Up

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Good Saturday Afternoon Everyone - we had definitely not planned to be separated today, instead we would have been half way through our 2020 State SC Championship Meet, with our team pasta feed under our belts, and celebrating not only the return of the high school boys, but a great season for everyone back together as a united team. Instead we are all on break a little early, but this too shall pass, and before you know it we will all be back together again. 

If your households are anything like ours, our swimmers are more determined than ever to come back for long course and not only make up for missing their final swims of the SC season, but to make their LC season better than ever. They have been following SwimSwam for daily dryland workout recommendations, and checking new training ideas that are as far from the pool as you can get. Talk about a great cross-training break! 

To review a couple of final notes, we wanted to go over a few final items that were reviewed at our final parents' meeting - thanks to everyone who attended, as it was an amazing turn out!

  • Anyone that had signed up for volunteer jobs at state - those hours are automatically credited to your account, and will reduce any booster fee balance you may have had. 
  • The last chance meet in Fargo was never finalized, so billing was not done for this event.
  • If the facilities re-open - we will be returning to the water on Monday April 27th, instead of Monday May 4th.
  • Billing will run normally as scheduled on 4/1 - this will include the swimming fees for March, as well as any outstanding booster fees
    • You can see your service hours balance by logging into the site, going to my account / Invoices & Payments / choose the SERVICE HOURS tab
  • As a result of the loss of the State Championship Meet, we will not have the anticipated $20-25,000 in revenue to maintain the team over the next two years. To off-set this loss, we will be working on multiple fund raisers for the balance of the year - starting with a swim-a-thon in June. Once we have this ironed out and our fund raising team has a calendar in place, we will roll out the plans. 

Finally - there were multiple families that had signed up for the pasta feed - this was a prepaid event. At the request of the parents who attended the parents meeting, if you are a family that signed up for the pasta feed, we are asking that you reply to this email to request a refund. If not requested, the value will be left as a donation to the team fundraising revenue.  

We were overwhelmed with the offer of many families to donate the fees to the team, as part of a make-shift fund raiser in the absence of the revenue we were expecting from the State Meet. Thank you again to everyone who already indicated they did not want a refund.

Please enjoy your time with family over the coming weeks, and we hope to see everyone back at the pool sooner than later!

Stay safe and healthy!