Welcome Jr. Wahoos

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Hello Wahoos,

We are so excited to meet all of our new Jr Wahoos this week! We will be meeting at the Hyslop Pool on UND campus on M/W OR T/Th from 9:30am-10:15am. With all the construction on campus as well as Covid19 precaustions still in place, we encourage you to take a look at our summer parking map here. In addition, leave some extra time to park and walk and make it to practice on time. 

After working with the UND parking office, we have come up with a solution to maintain free parking for Wahoo families. UND uses a digital system to scan license plates and issue violation tickets. In order to avoid getting a ticket while at practice, we need to provide UND a list of license plates that will be utilizing UND parking. If your family plans to park a car during practice, and you do not currently have a UND parking pass, we ask that you please send your license plate state and number to:

[email protected]

Currnet  COVID 19 protocols at UND require the following:

*Athletes must still enter through door # 10 and exit through door #12( shown on parking map).

*You may escort your swimmer on deck at the beginning of practice, but after that parents/caregivers must sit upstairs during practice.

*One exciting change is we now have locker room access! Both the male and female locker rooms can be found upstairs, just follow the Senior Group swimmers wet footprints to find them. 

Items to bring:

*Swimsuit( you may wear or change into in the locker room)


*Water bottle


Lastly, we have one date change for our T/Th swimmers. There will be an event at the pool on July 1st, therefore there will be NO practice on Thursday July 1st but we WILL have practice on Tuesday July 6th. We will send out reminders as this approaches.

Please let us know if you have any questions about anying, and don't forget to send it your parking information so you can park for free!

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors