Swim Meets and Booster Hours

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Hello Wahoos,

Registration for our first home meet, the Bill Siders Meet is now live. This is also an opportunity to work off your long course booster fees. To sign up for a job,visit our home page at rrvwahoos.org and  click on "job sign up" under the Bill Siders Meet. Timers, hospitality donations and meet cleanup are excellent choices for first time volunteers who may be unsure of what jobs to sign up for. These meets could not be possible without our volunteers!

Our Swim-a-Thon sign up is also live. You can RSVP under the event, it is free to participate and you do NOT need to be a long course swimmer to participate, just a current USA swimming membership. 

 Our goal is to raise $6000 for the Wahoos with an individual goal of $200 per swimmer. Like many organizations, we are still recovering from the financial impact of Covid. We have been doing everything we can to keep the Wahoos in the water through these very difficult financial times, including ramping up our fundraising efforts. 


$200 fundraised will earn 2 booster hour credits as well as the satisfaction of knowing they have greatly helped out our swim club

$500 fundraised earn 2 booster hour credits, free tee shirt AND the satisfaction of knowing they have greatly helped our swim club.

$100 swim outlet credit for top fundraiser

 $50 credit for top fundraiser in each group (Blue, Orange, Senior)

Party in University Park immediately following the Swim-a-Thon to celebrate our success!

To promote the Swim-a-Thon:

Log into your team unify account at rrvwahoos.org

Click on “my account” then “event fundraising”

From here you can update your swimmers picture and bio or just use the general one.

You can click on “promote” and share quickly and easy  via e-mail or social media

Crunched for time? You can also direct family and friends to our website at rrvwahoos.org and click on the “donate” banner at the top. They can type in your swimmers name and make a donation.

Head over to rrvwahoos.org and get signed up for these great events!

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors