Family Fun Night

RRV Wahoo Board of Directors

Please join us on Monday January 30th for pizza and poster painting! We will have the pizza delivered in two rounds(6:00pm and 7:00pm) so everyone, regardless of practice time can participate and enjoy hot pizza.

This is a great opportunity to visit with other swim parents and for the swimmers to make some posters for the mile meet. Thanks to Deek's generation donation, the swimmers eat for free! If other family members(siblings/parents etc) would like to eat, its $5 for the family. This will help us cover the cost of tipping the driver. 

To RSVP: Go to the Events sign up page and click on Family Fun night. Click on the green " job sign up "

When you sign up, plesae indicated who will be eating. For example: 1 swimmer+3 others. This will ensure we have enough pizza. 

For any families eating, the $5 will be placed on your account and run with billing on 2/1 . 

We hope to see everyone there for a fun evening! 

Family Fun Flyer