AnglerFish Aquatics

New England Swimming

Thank you for your inquiry into the AnglerFish Aquatics. Our program operates out of Cumberland high school, where we manage and operate the facility. Our swim school offers a competitive USA Swimming swim club, swim lessons, private coaching, small group coaching, video analysis and many other services.


Our program serves swimmers from 6 months to adults. Our classes run in a 1 instructor to 4 swimmer ratio and all classes are 30 min in length. You select one of our class times that works best with your schedule which will become your protected weekly time slot for lessons. The swimmers progress at their own rate in our program, meaning they can progress to the next level as soon as they are ready.  You are not locked into a specific level for a specific period of time.  Swimmers move up and pock their new time slot for the new level as soon as they are ready.  You will also have the flexibility of changing time slots or instructors as schedules change through the year.  We operate on an ongoing basis to keep kids in the water consistently.  When lessons are held in sessions and swimmers take time off, most children will regress and may take a few lessons to pick up where they left off.


The first classes are $16 per class paid individually. The first 3 classes you pay as you come to ensure that this is the right program for you and your family. Upon the 3rd class a $30 annual registration fee will be due and you will then go into a monthly payment cycle where you pay $70 at the first class of each month to continue to protect your space on the schedule. 


If you can not make a class for any reason ( i.e. child gets sick, you get held up a work, the pool closes, you go on vacation, a public holiday, weather conditions or any other reason at all) you just call, text, or email to cancel and then reschedule it for a different day of the week. This ensures that you will never loose a lesson or money in our program. Because we do not run in sessions and we do not have annual contracts, if at any time you would like to take time off you just give us two weeks notice and you will then enter an inactive status. You can resume lessons at any time. Our schedule is very flexible and you can let us know what days and times work best with your schedule. We will do our best to accommodate. 


Cumberland High school, Cumberland 

Monday - Friday 4:30PM - 6:30PM

Saturdays and Sundays  9:00 am - 11:00am

Contact Jeff Miksis at 401-632-2744


I hope this Information helps with making a decision, please contact me at any time for more information or to get on our schedule