YMCA Andover/North Andover Swimming
New England Swimming
Level 3

TIDAL WAVE First or second year swimmers (ages 10&under)

This is our youngest competitive group. The focus of the Tidal Waves is teaching the fundamentals of the 4 competitive strokes. Our coaches emphasize kicking, drills, breathing and having fun. Following directions and coming prepared for practice with cap, goggles and water bottles are among the first skills the swimmers are asked to master. When swimmers can complete a 100 IM with legal turns, they may be ready for the next level.


TYPHOON First or second year swimmers (ages 10&under) 

These swimmers already know the four competitive strokes and work on building endurance and building upon their knowledge of swimming drills. Continued instruction in kicking, drills and breathing are followed with lessons in sportsmanship and personal accountability. Swimmers learn to respect teammates and competitors. When swimmers can complete a 200 IM, they may be ready for the next level.


TORNADO I & II   Instruction at this level is to teach the fundamental drills of the 4 competitive strokes and build endurance. Swimmers will kick, drill and stroke their way to longer practice swims while utilizing the pace clock and keep track of their practice times. Swimmers will also be exposed to some of the mental training of swimming. When swimmers have successfully competed in all events in their age group and are comfortable conducting themselves at meets they may be ready for the next level.


HIGH SCHOOL I - These swimmers are or will soon be entering High School. Athletes may be working toward YMCA District or High School Sectional qualifying times. Swimmers are expected to keep and set goals, to work to their abilities and to come to practice on time and prepared to swim. Instruction at this level is more cognitive as swimmers begin to understand more of the underlying principles of drills and race strategy. 


HIGH SCHOOL II - The high school group is structured for swimmers who are in high school and participate in other sports or activities outside of swimming.These swimmers may be working toward YMCA District or High School Sectional qualifying times. There are no practice requirements. The focus of practice will be on aerobic training, stroke technique and building endurance. 


AGE GROUP ELITE - This group continues to focus on the swimmer’s training as they get ready to swim longer events such as the 500 free/400 IM. Emphasis will be on developing the endurance, technique and mental training in order to prepare swimmers for the Pre National/National level. Regularly scheduled test sets will test the swimmer's physical and mental skills as they learn the principles of swimming to race.

PRE NATIONAL/NATIONAL - Swimmers are expected to set goals and maintain excellence in the areas of attitude, effort and attendance. Training to race is the emphasis of this group as coaches challenge swimmers with both sprint and endurance practices. Swimmers in this group may aspire towards YMCA Nationals, USA Junior Nationals or Olympic Trials. Year-round participation is expected, but we will also work with swimmers to allow for full participation with their scholastic teams.