18 & Under World 100s
New England Swimming

Arctic Aquatics Swim Club is established within the NE LSC of USA Swimming

Enrollment now begins for students who are passionate about swimming!

Head coach Jiang has been coaching swimming in the Greater Boston area since 2011. During the past 10 years, he has helped a large group of swimmers achieve their best selves. He has been supporting the athletes to develop their passion, explore their potential and build their confidence in the sport. He focused on building excellent foundations for competitive swimming, and developed hundreds of swimmers to progress further with local swim clubs.

From training immature youth swimming teams in China since 2003, to running his own swim coaching practices in the US, Coach Jiang has accumulated over almost 20 years of rich experience and knowledge. In 2021, he decided to create our own swim team to build the solid pathway to develop the best swimmers.

We love swimming and we are making the commitment to treat it as a career of a lifetime.