Self-image comes from more than just best times, winning, records, and "hardware." While those things can be nice, self-worth comes from knowing one did one's best in that moment. The rewards (not awards!) are found in the character developed from being open, willing, and ready to grow from adversity and triumph alike. 

This is the source of greatness

Swimming is all about learning--learning about oneself, learning how to absorb and overcome obstacles, learning how to distinguish between setbacks and defeat, learning how to bounce back, and perhaps most importantly: learning how to learn.

This starts with how we think.

Through self-observation and self-reflection, we can make determine the next best choice to bring forth our highest potential. 

The sport serves as a vehicle of transformation and self-actualization so that we can better help others to do the same. 

The "rewards" of swimming go way beyond the pool deck, which is where we hope to see you next!