It begins in the mind and how we think about things. 

From there, it is about the building the will and doing the work!

In order to achieve our individual and team goals throughout the season, our team environment encourages celebrating the successes of our teammates just as readily we would our own. 

It's more fun that way.

Being part of such a team requires that all coaches, swimmers, parents, and volunteers be willing to embody the following:


Each coach, swimmer, parent and volunteer will be treated with respect. During intense training and competition, occasions may arise where there are disagreements. No team ever agrees unanimously on everything, how we treat each other on a daily basis will help us if a disagreement arises. Respect arises when meeting one another with curiosity and care. 


​​​Each coach, swimmer, parent and volunteer will strive to communicate--both in word and in action--in a positive manner. Swimmers will be instructed in a positive manner that will foster growth in their swimming knowledge and skills. Communication with everyone involved in our program will be done in a positive, reflective manner.


Coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers will demonstrate their pride in our program by working together to achieve our team goals.


Coaches, swimmers, parents, and volunteers will demonstrate personal responsibility in furthering their own development and growth in the sport. As a team we will also support each other in maintaining a solid program with a full squad and adhere to the rules that govern our sport.


Sometimes knowledge is not enough. We must know what to do with it! While coaches, swimmers, parents, and volunteers will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of swimming and therefore enhance their swimming IQ, we care most about how this knowledge is being used to foster strong  psychological well-being (based on the three core principles: a sense of autonomy, relatedness, and competency). In turn, how all of this is helping each swimmer actualize their own highest potential while taking their group and the team to the next level.


Each coach swimmer, parent, and volunteer will demonstrate their commitment to safety by abiding by the BAT Code of Conduct and Safe Sport Policies.


And remember: train hard, recover harder!