18 & Under World 100s
New England Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 100

Parent Reward Program


The Bluefish Friends and Fans would like to recognize Bluefish volunteers for their time, energy and enthusiasm.  Listed below are ways to earn “credits” that will entitle you to be entered into a drawing for $150 Phantom Gourmet gift card!


Volunteers will earn one “credit” for:

  • Each family member that works a complete meet (number of required sessions will be determined prior to meet)
  • Participation in eScrip
  • Participation in a fundraiser (minimum participation requirements will be set for each sponsor fundraiser
  • Exceeding required minimum meet sponsorship
  • Every food donation item
  • Working at a Bluefish sponsored event other than a meet (eg. Pancake breakfast)
  • Working at an away meet (not hosted by Bluefish)
  • Working at a Championship meet


Each “credit” earned gives you a raffle ticket that will be entered into a drawing.  Drawings will be held two times/year.  Two names will be drawn following the conclusion of championship meets for the short course season (March).  One name will be drawn following the championship meets for the long course season (August).