Dry Land is a great program that has significantly improved our swimmers performance in the past!  Our very experienced Certified Trainers work with the swimmers to develop Specialized programs for them to help them develop more stamina, increase endurance and muscle strength.  We use a combination of weight training that is specific to their sport and endurance training to improve their stamina in the pool. We have had great reviews so far with many parents informing us that their swimmers had improved their times during meets.  
We look forward to working with your swimmers and assisting them with their goals!
Amy Fuentes
Healthy Living Director
Burbank YMCA
36 Arthur B. Lord Dr., Reading, MA 01867
781-909-7414 Office
781-720-8781 Cell

DRY LAND Ages 11 to 15
This class trains swimmers out of the water strengthening their entire body using free weights, kettle bells, TRX and more!
Tuesday/Thursday 4:45-5:30 pm Fall I

6+ participants. Prices are per person, per 55 minute class.
1x per week:                     2x per week:
Member $10                     Member $20
Community Rate $18       Community Rate $36