BYB Practice Groups – Fall/Winter Season (Session One)

The team is organized into 13 practice groups in the fall/winter season.  The practice groups allow swimmers to practice and learn with athletes of similar abilities.  Group placements are made by the coaching staff in the best interest of the swimmer.

BYB Pricing by Group - for 2019-2020  - available soon!


Red 3   $560

Red 2   $585

Red 1   $630

White 3   $640

White 2  $660

White 1   $670

Blue 3   $720

Blue 2   $740

Blue 1   $760

Senior 3   $760

Senior 2   $780

Senior 1   $800

National    $800    


All swimming families must be on the AUTO-PAY system.  This convenient feature charges your meet fees to a credit card or bank.  It is the responsibility of the swimming family to keep AUTO-PAY information current.


If you need to make arrangements for payment please begin the process with Burbank  business manager, Juli Fahey.(

or North Suburban business manager, Andrew Matthews (