The Spring/Summer team is divided into 7 practice groups.  The practice groups allow swimmers to practice and learn with athletes of similar abilities.  Group placements are made by the Coaching staff in the best interest of the swimmer. Further information will be available in the beginning of April. 


BURBANK YMCA Bluefins FAQs  Spring/Summer 2019


BURBANK YMCA Bluefins FAQs  Spring/Summer 2019


Q:  When are tryouts?

A:   Tryouts for the Spring/Summer season will be held on the following dates and times: Wednesday  April 10 , Thursday  April 11, Wednesday April 16 , and Thursday April 17.  You only need to attend ONE tryout session.  There will be ONE form to fill out.


Q: What is expected of the swimmer at tryouts?

A:  Those who are 8 and under will be expected to attempt 25 yards ( one length) freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Those 9 and up will be expected to attempt 50 yards  (2 lengths) of each stroke.


Q:  Will there be cuts at tryouts?

A:  There may be cuts depending on the number of swimmers at tryouts and the swimmer’s readiness for a highly competitive program.  If the coach determines that the swimmer is not ready for the team, he/she will be directed to another program.


Q:  What happens after tryouts?

A:  If you have made the Spring/Summer  team, you will receive a “Welcome to the Team” email by Wednesday April 24th.  You will need to fill out forms and make arrangements to pay once you have been accepted on to the team.


Q:  What are the practice times?

A:  Practice times are determined by group placing.  All practices are between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm on weekdays, 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm on Saturdays and 7 am and 9 am on Sundays. 

The exact practice schedule will be finalized after tryouts.  You will receive definitive information in the Welcome to the Team email.


Q:  What is a practice group?

A:  THe team is divided into 6-7 practice groups ranging from the new swimmers who practice approximately 3 hours a week, to the National group who are in the water daily.  Groups are based loosely on age and swimmers are placed with those of like abilities.


Q:  What is the coach to swimmer ratio?

A:  THe coach to swimmer ratio varies with the size of the practice group and the level of the swimmer. 


Q:  What is the minimum practice requirement?

A:  There is no minimum practice requirement.  However, it is in the best interest of the swimmer to attend as many practices as group availability allows and as the family schedule permits.



Q:  Is there flexibility in the practice schedule?

A:  There is very little flexibility in the practice schedule due to the size of the team and pool availability.  Once the practice groups are determined the coach may consider individual requests for changes.  However, the intent is that the practice group as a whole will improve and switching groups is rare.


Q:  What types of meets do the swimmers attend?

A:  In the Spring Summer season most meets are multi day invitational meets. Many of these meets are held in the Long Course configuration and are USA swimming meets. It is suggested that you join USA swimming if you wish to compete in meets in the summer.  There may be no YMCA only meets in the summer calendar. There is a $78 membership charge for USA swimming, along with swimmer surcharges, per event fees and the like.  YMCA Invitationals have similar charges.


Q:  What is the team expectation regarding meet participation?

A: Since most of our meets are USA swim meets it is up to the family to OPT IN the the meets and sessions their schedule allows.


Q:  How do I know which meets to swim?

A:  The Coach determines the meet schedule.  You must be a member of USA swimming to participate in USA meets but all may participate in YMCA meets.  Some meets have qualifying standards.


Q:  How is information communicated to the team? 

A:  There are a number of communication methods in place. The most important source of information is the BYB website.www.burbankbluefins.com You will also receive information thru the family file folders, the team bulletin board, and team emails.  You will receive meet entry information thru the Team Unify system.


Q:  Is there a team uniform?

A:  The team uniform is the team cap, team suit, and team t shirt.  We order the suits and caps on line thru the Varsity Swim shop team page.  Varsity Swim Shop in North Reading is our authorized team dealer.


Q:  What is the parent participation requirement?

A:  Parents will be required to participate in the running of meets, the coordination of special events, donation of food and drink to fundraising efforts, and to participate on various parent committees. You may sign up on the Team Unify site


Q:  How do I contact the coaching staff ?

A:  Mark Taffe - Director of Aquatic Development and Head Coach

mtaffe@ymcaboston.org        office phone:  781-909-7113

cell phone:  978-509-8947


Aquatic Director –Sydney Frerichs  sfrerichs@ymcaboston.org

Team Administrator – Sue Hunter    shunter@ymcaboston.org