Battle of the Bluefins: The Rematch Meet Info

Alessandro Eramo


BYB families,

We have some updates from our first meet info email including heat sheets, updated psych sheets and timelines. 

A few notes:

  • High School Seniors: Please arrive to Saturday's session by 3:45 pm.
  • Bag tags and best time cards will be handed out at the check-in table.
  • Gym Assignments: Assignments will be given at the check-in table.
  • Please come prepared with heats and lanes written down. We will not be handing out heat sheets to athletes during the meet. 
  • Relays will be finalized tomorrow. There has been a lot of shifting between additions and scratches. Athletes will be informed during the session if they are on a relay. 

Meet  Information:

*If you do not see your athlete's name on our team or warm-up assignments, please let me know as soon as possible!

Heat Sheet

Timeline (updated 3/26)

Psych Sheet (updated 3/26)


Warm-up Assignments - Please arrive 15 minutes before your warm-up. 

  • HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: Please arrive to Saturday's session no later than 3:45 pm. 


Safety      Information    

Masks & Social Distancing 

  • Swimmers, volunteers, officials, and coaches must wear masks at all times 
  • Swimmers may only take masks off just before their heat starts.  
  • Swimmers should bring a plastic bag to put their mask in while they swim.  
  • Swimmers must maintain a 6 foot distance from each other while in the facility – gym, pool deck, lobby, etc.  
  • Swimmers who cannot follow these policies may be asked to leave.  


Check-in & Entering Facility 

  • Prior to arriving to the pool, families must fill out the online health attestation that can be found here:     
  • Swimmers will check-in at the table upon arriving to the facility.  
  • Swimmers are asked to sanitize their hands after checking in and before entering the gymnasium. 
  • Swimmers will walk to their designated area in the gymnasium. The swimmers will stay with this group throughout the      meet   unless lined up for their heat. Swimmers will not be allowed to move around the gym to other groups. All swimmers will receive their gym assignment prior to arriving to the      meet.  
  • Pool deck and gymnasium will have a one-way traffic flow for swimmers.  


Pool Deck 

  • The Burbank YMCA allows for up to 60 individuals on the pool deck. We will ensure a maximum of 60 or fewer individuals throughout the      meet.  
  • Individuals on the pool deck will consist of: 
    • 18 swimmers  
    • 4 officials 
    • 2 timing table 
    • 6 timers 
    • 1 head timer 
    • 2 safety marshals 
    • 4 coaches 



Flow of Traffic 

  • 3 heats of swimmers will be allowed on the pool deck at a time (18 swimmers) 
  • Traffic will flow one-way only for all swimmers 


Step-by-step traffic flow 

  1. Swimmers will leave the gymnasium and walk towards the lobby. Swimmers must stay on the left side of the hallway.  
  2. The first stop will be at the lobby door next to the pool. (4th heat out) 
  3. Swimmers will enter the pool deck through the lobby pool door.  
  4. The second stop is on the side of the pool on the side towards the bleachers at the shallow end (3rd heat out) 
  5. The third stop is on the side of the pool on the side towards the bleachers at the deep end of the pool. 
  6. The final stop is behind the blocks for the current heat 
    1. Fly-over starts will be necessary so the previous and current heats do not cross paths. For backstroke events, the pool will be cleared.  
  7. Swimmers will exit the pool deck through the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Swimmers will not be allowed to stop to use the bathroom or shower when exiting the pool deck.  
    1. Bathroom usage is only available in the two private restrooms by the administrative offices.  
  8. Swimmers will enter the gymnasium and sit down at their assigned spot.