Volunteering Opportunities

Boston Bluefins Swim Team depends on a lot of support from our families. It takes over 60 volunteers to run one swim meet. Parent involvement is not only essential for the swim team to succeed, it is also key to making this an overall enjoyable experience for our children. We are fortunate to have such dedicated parent volunteers. It is necessary that each family volunteer at least 3 times (each half of a meet counts as one time). However, there may be times where you are asked to volunteer more than the required 3 times. Please know how much we appreciate your cooperation. 
During the Short Course season there are unlimited opportunities to get involved to help in almost any capacity. You can help with fundraising, social event planning, officiating meets, meet planning, timing etc. The rewards are meeting new people, making new friends and having that great feeling that you have helped your team and supported your child by your engagement.

In the Long Course season we are in need of volunteers to time away meets. A timers function is to time a swimmer during the  meet. Volunteers will be instructed on the proper and simple use of the of the stopwatch before each session.  Timers are responsible for keeping time of the swimmer in the lane to which they are assigned and record times on the timesheet at the end of every race. Volunteers stand in groups of 2 at the end of each lane. This is a important job with the best view in the house. Without timers the meet cannot go on. Make sure you wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet!