18 & Under World 100s
New England Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300


About Us

Crimson Aquatics is a United States Swimming Member and an active participant in New England Swimming. We are a team of over 250 swimmers, from age 6 to 18 years old. Our swimmers also represent varying abilities, including novice swimmers just beginning competitive swimming, nationally ranked age group swimmers and Olympic Team members. Crimson welcomes all motivated and interested swimmers regardless of ability. 

Crimson Aquatics seeks to train and develop competitive swimmers. The goal of the team is to provide age-appropriate training that enables swimmers to realize their full swimming potential -- regardless of whether a swimmer has the ability to compete on a local, regional or national level. Our training sessions emphasize stroke technique and intensity training, while still providing sufficient yardage training appropriate for the varying age groups represented by our swimmers.

Crimson, as a member of the New England Swimming LSC of United States Swimming, compete in many New England Swimming calendar and championship meets during both Short and Long Course seasons. Crimson also host New England Swimming calendar meets during the Short Course and Long Course seasons. In addition to competing in meets sponsored by New England swimming, eligible swimmers may participate in U.S. Swimming sanctioned competitions held outside of the New England Swimming jurisdiction. Qualified swimmers may also participate in U.S. Swimming Zone and National Championship meets.

Training Methods
The training methods of Crimson are quite unique. Coach Spring believes to race fast you must train fast. We use several physiological tests to determine the ideal training arm rates (stroke speed), and swimming speed for a swimmer to train at to get the most improvement out of a swimmer. Training at such high rates of speed leaves very little need for large amounts of yardage. The average workout consists of approximately 5000 yards. Since Coach Spring has brought his training program to Crimson they have broken many records including New England, Eastern Zone and National Age Group records. The training speaks for itself with results.