The Cape Cod Swim Club was started in motel pools in Hyannis in 1971 by a local dentist who wanted a place for his children to swim.  The first coach was Sandy Eiler, a Canadian “show” diver who was then living in Hyannis after having worked for the Kennedy family teaching their children how to swim. In the fall of 1972 the Club moved to the Otis Air Base Pool, a wonderful training pool built during WW11 for rehabilitation purposes. The pool was 33 1/3 yards long and 20 yards wide and training in it had a “feel’ somewhere between LC and SC swimming. Marc Solomon, then living in Cataumet, and having finished one year of teaching school in Baltimore, began coaching at Otis in September of 1972.  A very talented group of young people joined Solomon at Otis and the club grew in stature and ability throughout the year.  The CCSC is one of a very few Clubs in the USA that has the same Head Coach/Director today as in 1972.

In that first group at Otis was Jody Ochab of Pocasset, one of the most talented CCSC swimmers of all time. Within a year, Jody was the best 10 and under in New England. Later Jody swam 2:12 for a 200 Individual Medley as a 12 year old (a record not kept on the CCSC age group record board) and then went on to star at Ohio.  Jody ended up 6th in the USA in the 400 Individual Medley and swam 4:18 in 1981, still faster than the present CCSC record of 4:22. Also in that group were John Sheperdson, Maggie Crowell, and Traci Moll. John became an All-American and one of the great Colgate Swimmers of all time. Maggie was the first All-American from Clark University.  Traci set a New England 13-14 record in the 100 butterfly at 58.9. She made a career on the Beach Patrol in Ft Lauderdale and continued to swim Masters Swimming at the Hall of Fame Pool.  In 1996, at age 38, Traci became the oldest swimmer in history (at that time ) to qualify for the Olympic Trials.

In the summer of 1972 the US Air Force announced that they would be closing the pool in September.  The Club was devastated and no political help was solving the problem quickly enough.  Many swimmers quit, some commuted to Fall River, and some moved away. Solomon took a job at the Nashville Swim Club and then, the following year, the Hamilton Aquatic Cub in Ontario. Meanwhile, Alice and Fred Dunbury , a local Bourne family, continued to work to re-open the pool.  Fred was the Assistant Superintendant of Schools in Bourne and well loved in the community.  He had three children in the club two of whom eventually set New England Age Group records.  Along with the tremendous help of State Representative Jerry Cahir, the CCSC got a contract on the pool to re-open it if they could raise the money needed and pay expenses.  Solomon was then under contract in Ontario so Bob Coleman was hired as Head Coach. Coleman had some wonderful successes in the water bu the Club struggled with money and administration, did not pay its bills, and the Air Force once again closed the pool.

Solomon returned to re-open the CCSC at the Massachusetts Maritime Pool in 1978.  Helping to pave the way were Jerry Cahir and eventually State Representative Tom Cahir.  A few years later the Academy became very supportive of the club with the help of Board of Trustees Chairman Ed Novakoff.  Years later, Admiral Richard Gurnon, who has been a tremendous leader in bringing the Academy to a higher level , has also been supportive of the club.

In 1995 the CCSC gained a contract to use the Sandwich High School Pool and about that time also began a program at Ocean’s Edge in Brewster. In 2007, the club began a new  Learn-to-Swim program at the Hilton Garden Inn in Plymouth rounding out the four pool operation with a home base at the Maritime Academy.

In 2007, Solomon stepped down as Head Coach and Ron Zuwallack took command. Zuwallack from Mashpee and Falmouth was a swimmer for the CCSC in the 1980s. A National Qualifier and a New England Champion, he also swam for the University of North Carolina. He still holds the distinction of being one of only three local Cape Cod men to qualify for USA National Championships. Coach Ron started coaching with the CCSC in 1992.




Past Swim Stars

Amy Carafoli  - Amy was from the Sagamore Beach area, and a graduate of Bourne High. She began swimming in the 1980s and was one of our great 1650 swimmers, always placing in the top ten in New England. Amy swam for four years and was Captain of the Allegheny College Team.

David Govoni out of Wareham, became the club record holder in the 100 fly and 100 free. His 100 Fly recort of 51.73 held up from 1990 through 2008 when it as finally broken by Peter Sacco. David had one of the prettiest strokes in the history of the CCSC.

Claire Hawley the greatest woman swimmer ever raised on Cape Cod.  Claire was from Centerville.  As a 12 year old she swam 5:08 in the 500 free to place in the Top Ten in the USA Age Group rankings.  As a 13 year old she qualified for Junior Nationals.  She won the High Point Trophy at Buffalo Speedo Championships when she qualified for National Championships in the 400 meter free. She Captained Penn State to the Big 10 Championships and became an All-American in the 1650. She was a 2004 Olympic Trials Swimmer in the 800 free and was named to the USA National Open Water Team and represented the USA competing in Italy in a 25 K Event in World Championships. She holds more CCSC Swimming records than any other female CCSC Swimmer.

Here is Ethan Saulnier accepting his award for 6th place at USA Nationals at the University of Southern Cal facility in 1989.  His time for the 400 free was 3:55.6 and we thought that CCSC Club record would never be broken.  Then, Tobias Work came along!


Here is Ethan Saulnier accepting his award for 6th place at USA Nationals at the University of Southern Cal facility in 1989.  His time for the 400 free was 3:55.6 and we thought that CCSC Club record would never be broken.  Then, Tobias Work came along!

Gavin Frazier - Here is Gavin at Jr. Nationals.  Gavin was a tremendous aerobic machine as a 14 year old.  He would roller blade to workout-run 6 miles- and swim. He was top ten in New England, Club Record Holder going through the age groups and Jr. National Qualifier.

Thiago Biazin - Thiago came as a senior exchange student to Barnstable High School.  A big athlete at 6'4", Thiago's kick was like thunder in the 500 free. He set Club records in many events and still holds the records in the 200 free and 100 free. He was third at Jr. Nationals his senior year in high school and lived with Coach Solomon for an additional year before returning to Brazil.

Julie Cowgill - About 100 pounds of TNT- Julie was a great distance freestyler and Jr. National Qualifier and Club record holder in the 500 free, 1000 and 1650. Julie's family moved from Manomet to Weston in her Junior year in high school but Julie returned to Bourne and lived in the old family house on County Road owned by Miss Bourne who was in her 90s at the time.  Julie went on to swim at Northeastern.

Julie Cowgill, Jr. National Qualifier, Kate Hawley-Jr. National Qualifier and Captain of  Univ. of RI Swimming and Kate Kane, Jr. National Qualifier and Captain of Northeastern Swimming in a wonderful picture outside the pool  with the Cape Cod Canal as a backdrop.

Maggie Crowell   - She was the club record holder in the 200 free and 1650 in 1972 and went on to become the first College All-American at Clark University.

Greg Courtios - Greg came to Bourne High as an exchange student from France. He came with good skills and that, combined with American training, produced an exceptional swimmer. Greg went on to star at Univ of Maryland. 

Shane Raymond - One of the great swimmers from the CCSC and one of the outstanding New England Age Groupers of all time.  Shane set 11-12 New England Records that still stand today.  He was a Jr National Qualifier and New England champion. One season Shane ran from Monument beach to the pool every day...over the bridge...sometimes carrying his swim bag!!

Shane Raymond and Paul Harrington - Paul joined the CCSC as a freshman in high school with very little swimming experience.  He had a terrific work ethic and was one of the all time greatest at consistent attendance.  He did not miss a workout in two years.  In one of his last meets before college he qualified for Jr. Nationals in the 200 meter breaststroke.

Rebecca Zuwallack - a top ten swimmer in New England and one of the toughest and greatest leaders ever in the CCSC.  She went on to be Captain of Navy Swimming and a leader among leaders!

Ron Zuwallack - New England Champion who once won the 100, 200, and 400 meter freestyles at New England Senior Championships and a swimming star at University of North Carolina. A terrific role model and wonderful teacher and Coach- Ron is now the Head Coach of the CCSC.

Sam Speroni was a fine distance swimmer for the CCSC, a Junior National Qualifier and a wonderful leader.  He went on to a four year varsity career at Brown University where he was selected Co-Captain for the 2009-10 swimming year. Sam took great pride in his training and was one of the swimmers that truly found joy in the process with his teammates. Sam was always ready, willing and able to take on the training and has become a wonderful member of Brown swimming as well as a great student of the sport. Sam's love of swimming, training, his teammates, and the CCSC made him a pleasure to coach.  He was what some coaches call, a "franchise" swimmer and when he was on the team, the workout would go on!

Al Roan was one of the greatest swimmers of all time in the CCSC.  What he lacked in natural athletic ability he made up for in his drive, and work ethic.  His workouts during his junior and senior year in high school along with Pan Am Silver medalist Tobias Work and Sam Speroni were tremendous.  His CCSC Club record in the 1000 free at 9:14.53 was not only one of the great swims in CCSC history but won the Speedo Championships and was one of the top High School Swims in the nation as well as a Top Time in the USA Top 16 Times ranking. He also holds the CCSC record in the 1650 at 15:33. For Al, "No mountain was too high to climb."

Dillon Delaney was the youngest of three Delaney sisters who were all wonderful swimmers in the CCSC. Dillon had a great work ethic never missing  a workout in an entire year as well as tremendous determination. She was top ten in New England in a distance event every year from age 11 through High school. She was a New England Champion and a Junior National Qualifier and swam four years at Brown University as a strong member of the Brown team. Dillon had the ability to add to each training group she was in and was often the foundation of the distance lane. She demanded perfection from herself as well as those around her and was an especially strong leader with younger age group swimmers who always benefited from training with Dillon.

Tobias Work - Tobias Work was arguably the greatest swimmer ever from the CCSC and one of the greatest ever from New England.  His crowning achievement was winning the Silver Medal in the 400 meter freestyle in the Pan American Games in 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His time of 3:50.62 is the CCSC record and the fastest 400 meter free ever swum by a New England Swimmer representing a New England Club. Some of his other CCSC records include his great 8:05 in the 800 meter free, 15:25 in the 1500, 4:26 in the 400 IM and 14:51 for the 1650. Tobias grew up on Nantucket and began commuting to the CCSC as an 11 year old...the ferry to Hyannis on Friday and a return on Sunday night. His family moved to Falmouth when he was 13 and his swimming flourished. An integral part of his success was his work with the great trainer out of Hyannis, Jeff Handler. Tobias had a great work ethic, a tremendous intensity directed at going faster every day in training, and wonderful family support.  He went on to become one of the all time greatest at the University of Florida with several swims ranking at the top of the all time Florida Gators charts.  Some of Tobias' workouts were feats of incredible endurance and speed that few swimmers in the world ever achieve. They were not only rewarding to himself, but inspiring to Coaches and swimmers around him.