Concord YMCA Sailfish Swim Team

Dorsi Raynolds meet wrap up

John DeCaprio

Coming off a strong weekend of swimming at the RAYS meet the previous weekend, the Sailfish continued that trend with even more best times and great swims at the UVAC meet. We had 80 best times from 30 swimmers, with some very big time drops. As with RAYS meet, this meet was not scored so I’ll highlight best times and other notable events.

Our 8 & Under group had Chloe Adler, Charleigh Beadet, Azar Emerson, Adele Green, Addison Larochelle, Moriah Longval, Lulu Swinehart and Kevin Ward swimming for us. Chloe continued getting faster at freestyle with PRs in both the 25 & 50 free events. Chloe also qualified for Age Groups in the 25 fly, 25 free and 25 breast. Congrats to Chloe! Charleigh also had some nice swims, knocking over 14 seconds off her 25 fly time. She joins Chloe in qualifying for Age Groups in this event. She also took off over 8 seconds in her 25 free. Nice going Charleigh! Next up is Azar, who had PRs in his 25 free and 50 back. Good job Azar! Adele, grabbed a PR in her 25 free. Nice work Adele! Addison Took off over 8 seconds in her 50 breast and also PRed in her 25 breast. Nice going Addison! Moriah was 4 for 6 in PRs, with best times in her 25 free, 25 fly, 25 back& 50 free. Way to go Moriah! Lulu had big drops in her 25 & 50 fly swims as well as her 50 free. She also PRed in the 25 breast. Nice work Lulu! Kevin went 3 for 4 with PRs in his 25 free, 50 back and 25 fly. Way to go Kevin!

Our 9-10 group was represented by Chocorua Longval, Evelynn Maynard and Nithila Vimalraj. Chocorua had a good meet with 4 out of 6 PRs. She got best times in her 50 breast, 100 free, 50 fly and 50 free. In addition, she qualified for Age Groups in the 50 breast and missed the 100 breast AG cut by less than a second on her first swim of that event! Congrats to Chocorua! Evelynn went 2 for 2 with PRs in her 50 fly & 50 free. Nice going Evelynn! Nithila swam three events for the first time and had no previous time stop compare to but had 3 solid swims. Nice going Nithila!

The 11-12 Sailfish were Kate Binkoski, Maisie Emerson, Megan Gerardi, Lia Karanouh, Molly Key, Riley Pope, Ava Popielarz, Chael Smithson, August Swinehart, Xindi Thomas and Yazzi Tobey. Kate took home PRs in her 100 back & 50 free. Nice work Kate! Maisie went 3 for 3 with PRs in all of her events, including huge 16+ second drop in her 200 IM. Nice going Maisie! Megan had a likewise good meet with 4 for 4 PRs in her 50 & 100 free, 50 breast & 50 back. Good job Megan! Lia also grabbed a hat trick of PRs with 3 of them, in the 100 free, 100 breast and 50 back. Nice work Lia! Molly went 5 for 6 with PRs in all but 1 event. She set best times in her 100 free, 100 breast, 100 IM, 50 breast and 100 back. Way to go Molly! Riley had a strong meet knocking almost 20 seconds off her 500 free, getting her to share the 2nd biggest loser award with Emily Hou. She followed that up with PRs in her 100 IM, 200 free and 50 breast. Nice going Riley! Ava scored PRs in her 100 free, 100 breast and 50 back. Good job Ava! Chael PRed in all 4 of his events, the 100 IM, 200 breast, 50 breast and 50 free. Nice work Chael! August saw PRs in his 100 free, 50 breast and 50 free. Way to go August! Xindi had a good meet, going 5 for 5 PRs in her 100 free, 100 breast, 100 IM, 50 breast and 50 free. Nice work Xindi! Yazzi also grabbed a trick of PRs with 3 out of 3 swims. Her 100 IM, 50 breast & 50 free were all PRs with the 100 IM earning her the biggest loser of this meet with a 21+ second drop! Congrats Yazzi!

The 13-14 group was Madilyn Adler, Tim Dodd, Lauren Green, Grace Howe & Sabine Karanouh, Maddie grabbed a PR in her 200 IM. Good job Maddie! Tim went 3 for 3 with PRs in the 100 fly, 200 IM and 100 breast. Nice going Tim! Lauren also did the hat trick with PRs in her 200 breast, 100 free and 200 IM with big drops in both 200s. Nice going Lauren! Grace went 3 for 4 with PRs in her 200 breast, 200 IM & 200 free. Good job Grace! Sabine did the same thing with PRs in all her events, the 100 breast, 100 free & 200 IM. Nice work Sabine!

The 15 & Over group was represented by Emily Hou, Margaret Rivard and Thanida Thomas. Emily took home PRs in the 200 breast and 100 back, dropping 19 + seconds from her 200 breast swim, earning her the shared 2nd biggest loser spot with Riley! Congrats Emily!  Margaret swam her best 500 free in a while, and while it wasn’t quite a PR it was a strong swim. Nice going Margaret! Thanida also had swims near her best times but not quite bettering them. We are seeing her times drop nicely as we get into the season. Good job Thanida!

So, as you can see from all these great swims, the hard work the Sailfish are putting into the pool at practices is paying off. The coaches were thrilled with all of the great swims and want to congratulate the Age Group qualifiers, Chloe Adler, Charleigh Beaudet and Chocorua Longval. Way to go girls!