Concord YMCA Sailfish Swim Team

Redi Sacco Meet Wrap Up

John DeCaprio

At our first trials & finals meet of the season, our Sailfish showed their stuff and produced some terrific swims. The trials & finals format makes for long meets, but when the Sailfish made it to the finals (top 12) they all swam very well. At this meet, were were two sets of finals for 11-12, 13-14 and 15 & O swimmers, an “A” flight (top 6) and a “B” flight (7-12) which is a very common set up at a trials & finals meet. The 10 & under group swam timed finals as at most meets, so they just swam each event once. Anyone who was 11 & over and who qualified in the top 12 during the morning’s events would be invited to return at night and swim the event again.  

For our 8 & unders we had Chloe Adler, Addison Larochelle, Lulu Swinehart and Kevin Ward swimming for us. Chloe went 3 for 3 with PRs in her 100 IM, 50 back & 50 free where she was our 2nd biggest loser with a 13+ second drop in that event. Way to go Chloe! Addison had several good swims near her best times. Nice going Addison! Lulu got a best time in her 100 IM. Nice work Lulu! Kevin went 2 for 3 with PRs in his 50 free and 50 back. Good job Kevin!

The 9-10 group was represented by Nithila Vimalraj who got PRs in 3 of her 4 events with big drops in her 100 IM and her 50 fly where she dropped over 18 seconds and earned the biggest loser for that swim! Congrats to Nithila!

The 11-12 bunch were Kate Binkoski, Riley Pope, Ava Popielarz, August Swinehart, and Xindi Thomas. Kate knocked over 5 seconds off her 50 free time. Nice going Kate! Riley qualified for finals in the 100 IM and 50 free with PRs in both events and got 2 other PRs as well. Nice work Riley! Ava was 3 for 3 with both PRs and qualifying. She qualified for finals in the 100 breast, 50 free and 50 fly, with PRs in all of these events. Way to go Ava! August swam his first 1,650 (yes, that’s a mile!) ever and did a great job with that swim. He also PRed in the 50 fly and 200 free and qualified for finals in the 200 free, 100 IM, 50 fly, 50 breast and 200 IM. Nice going August! Xindi was 3 for 3 with PRs in her 100 IM, 100 breast and 50 free. She also qualified for finals in all 3 of those events. Great work Xindi!

The 13 & Over group had Tim Dodd, Grace Howe, Lily Peterson, Margaret Rivard and Thanida Thomas swimming for us. Tim got PRs in both of his events, the 200 IM and 100 fly. He also qualified for finals in both events. Nice going Tim! Grace swam the 100 breast and 50 fee and got PRs in the 100 breast as well as qualifying for finals in each event. Nice work Grace! Lily got PRs in her 200 back, 100 breast, 200 breast and 200 IM. She also qualified for finals in all of her events. Way to go Lily! Margaret swam near best times in 2 of her 3 events. Good job Margaret! Thanida also swam near her best times and qualified for finals in the 100 breast. Nice going Thanida!

We have been awarding the “biggest loser” to the Sailfish swimmer who “loses” the most time in an event at each meet and this week it was Nithila Vimalraj, so congrats to her! We also decided to add another award to highlight any swimmer who drops time in 3 or more events at a meet. We will now present the “hat trick” award for any swimmer who gets 3 PRs in a meet. For this meet, these swimmers are: Chloe Adler, Nithila Vimalraj, Riley Pope, Ava Popielarz, Xindi Thomas and Lily Peterson. Congrats to these speedy Sailfish!