Concord YMCA Sailfish Swim Team

UVAC Winter Classic Wrap Up

John DeCaprio

The Winter Classic Meet at UVAC was another good meet for the Sailfish. We had 30 Sailfish swimming and they produced almost 70 best times at this meet. The 12 & under events were also ranked through 8th place so I’ll highlight best times for everyone, and top 8 finishes for the 12 & unders.
For the 8 & under group we had one of our biggest showings yet with 9 Sailfish in this group. They were: Chloe Adler, Charleigh Beaudet, Azar Emerson, Adele Green, Addison Larochelle, Moriah Longval, Lulu Swinehart, Kevin Ward & Josie White. Chloe had her self a pretty good meet with 2 PRs (25 breast & 100 free) and 4 top 3 or better finishes. She grabbed a 1st in the 50 free, 2nd in the 25 breast and 3rd in both the 25 back & 100 free. Way to go Chloe! Charleigh likewise came to swim, posting PRs in all 4 to her events, the 25 fly, back, breast & free with a 2nd in the fly and 7th in both the back & free. Nice work Charleigh! Azar was 2 for 3 with PRs in his 25 breast & 50 free. Nice going Azar! Adele was 3 out of 4 with PRs in the 25 breast (30+ seconds!!) 100 free & 50 free. With that huge drop in her 25 breast, Adele was our “biggest loser” for this meet. Congratulations Adele! Addison took home 1st place honors in the 100 breast, 2nd in the 50 breast, 4th in the 50 free & 5th in the 25 breast & 50 back and 25 free. Nice going Addison!  Moriah PRed in the 25 fly & 50 free with a 5th in the fly & 8th in the free. Nice work Moriah! Lulu finished in the top 8 in all of her events with PRs in the 25 breast, and 25 fly. She placed 1st in the 50 fly & 100 IM, 3rd in the 50 free, 50 back & 25 fly, 4th in the 25 free, 5th in the 25 back & 6th in the 25 breast. Way to go Lulu! Kevin swam to 3 PRs out of 4 events and took home 1st place honors in the 50 fly, and 6th in the 25 back. Nice work Kevin! Josie PRed in her 25 breast. Good job Josie!
Our 10 & unders were: Tayeson Hall, Chocorua Longval & Evelyn Maynard. Taye PRed in his 50 free and swam 3 100 yard events for the first time, placing 4th in the 100 back. Nice going Taye!  Chocorua swam to PRs in her 100 breast & 50 back, with 3rd place finishes in the 50 & 100 breast events. Congratulations Chocorua!  Evelyn had a PR in her 100 IM. Nice going Evelynn!
The 12 & Unders had these Sailfish swimming for us: Kate Binkoski, Maisie Emerson, Megan Gerardi, Lia Karanouh, Molly Key, Riley Pope, Chael Smithson, August Swinehart, Xindi Thomas and Yazzi Tobey. Kate started things off with a bang grabbing 4 out of 4 PRs in the 100 IM, 100 back, 100 breast & 50 free. Nice work Kate! Maisie went 2 for 3 PRs in her 50 back and 200 IM with a 6th pace in the 2 IM. Nice going Maisie! Megan had an excellent meet with 6 out of 8 PRs! She PRed the 100 free, 100 IM, 100 back, 50 fly,100 breast & 50 free. Way to go Megan!  Lia was 2 for 3 with PRs in the 50 back & breast. Nice work Lia! Molly knocked a big 12+ seconds off her 200 breast and took home 2nd in that event and also a 6th in the 200 back. Nice going Molly! Riley went 3 for 5 with PRs in her 100 back, 200 free & 50 fly. Way to go Riley! Chanel  went 5 for 5 with PRs in the 50 back, 200 breast, 100 free, 50 breast a& 200 back, where he knocked off over 16 seconds! Nice work Chael! August likewise had a good meet, with 5 for 6 PRs in his events, the 50 back, 100 free, 50 breast, 200 free & 50 free. He also took home 3rd place honors in  the 100 free, 2nd in the 200 free and 7th in the 50 free. Nice going August! Xindi was swimming her last meet as a 12 & under and she went out in style with 5 out of 6 PRs in her events. She PRed the 100 free, the 200 IM, 50 breast, 200 free & 100 breast. She also took home 3rd in the 2 IM, 4th in both the 50 breast and 200 free, 6th in the 100 breast & 7th in the 100 free. Way to go Xindi! Yazzi also came to swim and went 4 for 4 PRs in her 100 IM, 100 back, 100 breast & 50 free, Nice work Yazzi!
The 13 & Over crowd had Madilyn Adler, Tim Dodd, Lauren Green, Emily Hou, Grace Howe, Sabine Karanouh, Lily Peterson, Margaret Rivard, Thanida Thomas & Lanee White swimming for us. Maddy swam to a 5th place in the 100 fly, 6th in the 100 free and 8th in the 50 free. Nice going Maddy! Tim took home 3 out of 4 PRs and 2nd in the 100 fly and 7th in the 200 IM. Nice work Tim! Lauren grabbed 4th in the 13-14 1,000 free in her first time swimming this event and 8th in the 100 breast. Good job Lauren! Emily was 2 for 2 with Prs in the 50 free and 100 breast. Nice going Emily! Grace posted a 2nd in the 200 breast and 3rd in the 200 IM, with a PR in the IM. Nice going Grace! Sabine swam her events near her best times. Good job Sabine! Lily was 3rd in the 200 breast and 7th in the 200 IM. Nice going Lily! Margaret took home 8th place honors in the 15-18 1,000 free. Nice work Margaret! Thanida grabbed 4th in the 100 breast. Nice going Thanida! Lane posted a PR in her 100 back. Good job Lane!
In addition to all of these PRs, we had several swimmers make cuts for Age Groups at this meet. 4 of our 8 & under crowd did so and they were: Chloe Adler 25 back, 25 breast & 25 free. Charleigh Beaudet 25 back, 25 fly. Addison Larochelle 25 breast and Lulu Swinehart in the 25 back. Great job girls! In addition to these girls, Chocorua Longval made the Age Group cut for the 100 breast in the 9-10 age group. Way to go Chocorua and congrats to all of these speedy Sailfish!
So, as you can see, we had a good weekend at the UVAC pool and a big thank you goes to to the parents who helped fill our timing obligations and those who volunteered. Thank you all, we couldn’t have these big meets without your help.