Concord YMCA Sailfish Swim Team

2023 SILVERS Wrap Up

John DeCaprio

The 2023 Silver meet is in the books and the Sailfish came away with some pretty good swims at the meet. The meet was held at the Sterling YMCA in Beverly MA, one of our favorite pools, and it didn’t disappoint us. This meet had qualifying times that a swimmer had to meet in order to swim at this meet, so congratulations to all of the Sailfish swimmers who qualified for this meet!

This meet was scored to top 12 finishers so I will mention those here and also best times (PRs).

Our 8 & under swimmers were: Chloe Adler, Azar Emerson, Adele Green, Addison Larochelle, Moriah Longval, Lulu Swinehart and Kevin Ward. Chloe had a pretty good meet, placing in the top 6 in all her events with PRs in her 100 free and 100 IM (6+ seconds each!) placing 2nd in both of those events. She also got 5th in the 50 back. Nice going Chloe! Azar took home 7th in the 25 free and 12th in the 50 back. Nice work Azar! Adele also came to swim and really showed her improvements in the fly taking home 5th in that event with a huge 25+ second PR in that event! She also took 17+ seconds off her 100 free and grabbed 7th in that event. Great job Adele! Addison showed her breaststroke chops with 1st place finishes in both the 50 & 100 breast events, with PRs in both. She also took 4th in the 50 free and 6th in the 25 fly. Nice going Addison! Moriah took 1st in the 25 breast, 6th in the 25 back and 50 breast, 7th in the 25 fly, 9th in the 50 back and 12th in the 50 free, with PRs in the 25 & 50 back and the 50 free. Good job Moriah! Lulu got 3rd place in both the 50 back and 100 IM events as well as 4th in the 25 fly, 5th in the 50 breast & 50 free. Nice going Lulu! Kevin got 3rd in the 25 breast and 5th in the 50 free with PRs in both events. Good job Kevin! We also need to recognize our two 8 & U relays, the free relay of Addison, Adele, Lulu and Chloe which took 4th place honors and the 100 medley relay of Lulu, Moriah, Chloe & Addison that grabbed the blue ribbon for that event. Congrats girls!

The 10 & unders were: Chocorua Longval and Evelynn Maynrd. Chocorua swam to top 12 spots in all her events with a 2nd in the 100 IM, 4th in the 50 fly, 7th in the 50 free, 9th in the 100 free and 12th in the 50 back. She also got PRs in all of her events! Way to go Chocorua! Evelynn swim the 50 back and had a good swim near her best time. Nice work Evelynn!

The 12 & U squad was: Maisie Emerson, Molly Key, Ava Popielarz, Chael Smithson and August Swinehart. Maisie grabbed 8th place in the 200 breast and 9th in the 500 free, with a PR in her 100 back. Nice going Maisie! Molly went 3 for 3 with PRs and a 10th place finish in her 200 breast where she knocked off over 9 seconds! Nice work Molly! Ava took home 3rd place honors in the 50 breast and 12th in the 100 back with PRs in both events. Great work Ava! Chael was top 12 in all of his events as well. He took 4th in the 200 back, 5th in the 100 breast, 7th in the 50 back and 9th in the 100 IM, with PRs in the 50 back and 100 IM. Nice going Chael! August PRed in 6 of his 9 events and was top 12 in all of them. He grabbed 2nd in the 500 free and the 50 fly, 3rd in the 200 free, 50 breast and 50 back, 4th in the 100 IM & 100 fly and 7th in the 50 free. Way to go August!

The 13-14 group was Tim Dodd, Grace Howe, Xindi Thomas and Madeline Wineriter. Tim was top 12 in 2 of his 3 events with PRs in both the 100 back (6th) and the 100 fly (8th). Nice job Tim! Grace placed 6th in the 100 breast. Nice going Grace! Xindi swim to very close to her best time in the 50 free. Good job Xindi! Madeline was top 12 in 3 of her 5 events, she grabbed 7th in the 100 breast, 8th in the 200 breast and 10th in the 200 free, with PRs in all 3. Nice work Madeline!

Our 15-18 swimmers were: Lily Peterson, Thanida Thomas & Ella Wineriter. Lily was top 12 in 3 of her 4 events, 3rd in the 200 back, 6th in the 200 IM and 12th in the 100 back, with PRs in her 100 back and nice 9+ second drop in her 100 fly. Way to go Lily! Thanida was 2nd in the 200 breast with PR in that event and 10th in the 50 free. Nice going Thanida! Ella took home 6th in the 200 breast and 12h in the 100 breast with PRs in her 200 breast and 100 back. Nice going Ella!

Once again, the Sailfish swim well and posted a bunch of best times at this meet. With all of this fast swimming, we need to recognize our biggest loser at this meet. It is someone who has won the award before, so her hard work at practice is paying off. Our biggest loser at this meet is Adele Green for a 25+ second drop in her 25 fly, which she followed up with a 17+ second drop in her 100 free. Congratulations to Adele!