Training Groups at The Current

Organization of the Commonwealth Current training groups is based on the understanding that young athletes need an engaging and fun environment, knowledgeable coaching and full family support in order to progress in a predictable manner.  That being said, athletes progress in many different speeds and in many different areas; no two paths are alike. At each level of the Commonwealth Swimming program, the training group goals and objectives are specific and the coaches structure group training plans with the expectations and goals of each practice group in mind.  Placement in a particular practice group is determined by several factors; an athlete’s chronological age, biological age, technical development and level of commitment all play a factor in the coaching staff’s decisions.  

An athlete's peer group can play a significant role, both positively and negatively, in their perception of progress and enjoyment of training sessions.  As such, we emphasize the importance of teammates and sportsmanship rather than cliques and social circles. While we strive to keep peer groups together, if the other factors in group placement are not aligned, specifically level of commitment and technical development, there may be times when a peer group is split.

If you have any questions about where your athlete fits in our program or to set up an evaluation, please email Head Coach Chris Sheppard.


14 years and younger -


Undercurrent - The Undercurrent is our developmental 9 & Under practice group.  This group is designed to introduce competitive swimming with a focus on developing a solid technical foundation, increased coordination and awareness, inspiring love for swimming and the sport, and conquering trepidation and fears.  Through a series of stroke technique drills and teaching basic training methods, the Undercurrent will become more comfortable on the team, in practice and in competition, and they will become competent in all four competitive strokes.  Goals include developing basic practice skills and comfort at swim meets.  

Designed for athletes aged 9 & Under, practices are offered 3 x a week. These novice swimmers must be able to complete 4 x 25 of freestyle (“front crawl”) and 2 x 25 backstroke.

High Tides and Rip Tides - Athletes in our Tide groups spend a significant time focused on refining stroke techniques using stroke drill progressions each season.  Athletes are also challenged to bring new technical developments into competition. Goals include developing and executing racing strategy, demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork, and increased practice skills.  

Hightides  - Age 9-11 practices are offered 4-5 x a week

Riptides - Age 11-14 (athletes rarely move out of the Riptide group prior to 8th grade), practices are offered 5 x a week, with an optional 6th for swimmers demonstrating increased commitment and preparedness for the Senior team.



Senior Program -


Commonwealth Current Senior Team - With a focus on bringing the benefits of technical focus and a progressive workload together, the Commonwealth Current Senior Team has an increased expectation for athletes in the areas of commitment, training capacity and leadership.  Athletes will continue to develop and expand practice methods learned in the Tide groups and goal meetings, team meetings and expanded dryland become more integrated. The Senior Team serves as a transition for adolescent athletes into a more rigorous training program and a home for high school athletes who wish to remain multi-sport or are unable to meet the demands and expectations of the National Team. Athletes are offered 6-8 practices a week, and those hoping to advance to the National Team must demonstrate their goals by attending all training sessions.

For athletes Age 13-18.

National and High Performance Teams - As a member of one of the CS Current’s highest training groups, athletes on the CS National and High Performance Teams are expected to demonstrate a high level of training, time management and citizenship.  As the primary culture creators and role models on the team, National and High Performance Team athletes are expected to exude strong leadership skills both in and out of the pool. Many of these athletes will be the face of their team at the highest levels of competition and as such, National Team members are expected to be committed, reliable, dedicated and kind.  Swimmers who have moved through the Commonwealth Swimming program will develop an understanding of how perseverance, self-confidence, discipline and the ability to step outside one’s comfort zone benefit not just the athlete but their entire community in and out of the pool. Athletes are expected at all six practices each week and to attend all additional scheduled training sessions including training trips.  Athletes will participate in all high level competitions they are qualified for, even if only as a relay athlete.  

Athletes on the National Team must have Eastern Zone Short Course Sectionals qualifying times; Athletes must have USA Swimming Winter Junior National qualifying times to join the High Performance group.  Placement is based solely on coaches’ recommendation.