Simmons College (25y): The Simmons pool is located on the lower level of the Holmes Sports Center at Simmons College. The street address is 331 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215, however 96 Pilgrim Road, Boston, MA is a better gps location for drop-offs. From the Pilgrim Road drop off (see instructions below), walk through the gate along the sidewalk on the Simmons side of the road and follow the sidewalk through the courtyard next to the athletic center. The entrance to the center is aroundthe corner on the left. When you enter the center, ask the desk person where you can find the pool.

Parking - Our Simmons Location has parking available for free along the Riverway, as well as at the garage located at 375 Longwood Avenue (about a five minute walk to the pool, $7.00).  While Resident parking along Pilgrim Road isn’t regularly enforced on Sundays, parking on Pilgrim Road is at your own risk. DO NOT park in the Winsor School lot, you will be towed.

Drop-off and Pick-up procedures at Simmons are mandatory to follow, or we risk losing our pool contract.

We use the second small lot on Pilgrim Rd. as a loading zone off of the road.  Do not block traffic on Pilgrim Road.  

When you pull into the lot, you will only be allowed to idle long enough for your swimmer to exit or enter your car.  If they are not ready, you must go back around the block.

DO NOT PARK OR IDLE IN THE LOT.  The spaces in the lot are for faculty, and while they may not speak to offending cars directly, the team is made aware.


Boton Sports Club (25y): 560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118. Drop off occurs in the gated parking lot. Those who wish to park must find on-street parking. Swimmers must enter the club throught the main entrance and walk through the locker rooms to get to the pool deck. Lockers are off limits, bags must be kept on the pool deck.


South End Fitness Center 25y (SEFC): We use the Northampton Square Parking Garage (35 Northampton Street, Boston, MA 02118) as our D.O./P.U. location.  It is located on Northampton Street between Albany Street and Harrison Avenue (Entrance is pictured here).  Coaches will not be at the facility more than 15 minutes prior to practice so please do not attempt to drop off well in advance.


Pull into the garage and take a right at the top of the ramp.  You will be required to take a ticket to get into the garage. There is a 15 minute free-of-charge grace period that will allow for our pick up and drop off.  If you stay in the garage longer than 15 minutes you will either need to park and come in to get your parking validated or pay the $6.00 at the kiosk in the elevator lobby.  

The elevator lobby is at the end of the garage; the entrance is labeled “Miranda-Creamer Elevators” (pictured below).  A coach will be stationed at the entrance for the duration of pickup. Late athletes will need to text their Coach so that they can be met at the entrance.


Take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the hall to the entrance of the fitness center.  A coach will meet the athletes in the hallway or just inside the gym (depending on what is happening in the gymnasium).



Pick up will work in the reverse order, with a coach waiting in the elevator lobby to help supervise athletes until pickup is complete.  Athletes will not be permitted to wait on the street or leave without supervision. *Note* The garage entry level is Level 2 of the elevator.

Other circumstances:

Arriving Late-Please be sure to text Coach Chris (or your swimmer can text the team group chat) and a coach will meet them in the lobby.

Leaving Early-Please be sure to have your swimmer inform the coaches as they arrive so they can be prepared to escort them to the parking lot at the appropriate time.  


Latta Brothers Memorial Pool 50m (Latta):  Foss Park; 49 Fellsway W., Somerville   Pick-Up/Drop-Off is on the side street or in the small parking lot along the Broadway side of Foss Park.